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Your Home is Boring? Try to Renew It.

   Because home is the place to which we refuge to comfort ourselves and escape from the outside world with its tiring matters, we have to make it our heaven that is interesting and not boring. In order to renew your home, you have to follow the below tips for interior home decoration:

  • If you are suffering from the small size of your apartment then try to solve it by changing the color of everything such as the paint of the wall, the carpets, the furniture and the other things to a lighter color that will make your apartment looks larger, while the dark color will make it looks smaller than its real size.
  • Doors and windows should have a good looking as they are the source of air and light, so choose them carefully and paint them with the color that suits your apartment.
  • Try to save places in your home by using furniture that can be used for many purposes.
  • Modern-Study-Room-Home-Interior-Design-Ideas-Filed-Under-Study-Room-By-300x242 Your Home is Boring? Try to Renew It.
    Home-Interior-Design-Teen-Room-Ideas-6-300x214 Your Home is Boring? Try to Renew It.
  • Everything used or made in the apartment should complete each other to finally have one unit.
  • Change a room look by replacing the carpets with other ones, renewing the paint of the room and using new accessories.
  • bedroom_luxury-bedding-e1286286947898-300x225 Your Home is Boring? Try to Renew It.
  • Use mirrors to make the room look wider and to increase light as they reflect it.
  • Renew the bathroom by changing the old sink, the rug, the tile and by buying a new framed mirror.
  • simple-bathroom-decorating-ideas-300x242 Your Home is Boring? Try to Renew It.
  • New curtains change the appearance of the room and make it look in a new way.
  • Doors with glass bring more light to the room.
  • Use skylights in the kitchen to make use of the natural light and for more ventilation to the place.
  • Replace the old chairs with new ones or paint them with a new and bright color.
  • Change the lamps of the kitchen and buy new ones with characters that are suitable for your kitchen.
  • Try to decorate the walls by hanging beautiful pictures that will add something new.
  • image-01-home-decorating-ideas-300x225 Your Home is Boring? Try to Renew It.
  • Vases with flowers and decorative items can be used to decorate the table in the living room.
  • When you arrange things in groups try to make them in odd numbers because they are better than even numbers.
  • You can put a vase of flowers in the center of a table and surround it with books.
  • When you group objects together, try to look for the common features between them such as size and color to look familiar.
  • Using rare and interesting items for decorating attracts the attention.
  • Bedroom-Interior-Design-21-300x225 Your Home is Boring? Try to Renew It.
  • Try to combine between colors from the same color family such as red and orange.
  •  Change the shade or texture of the same colored objects.
  • Use a small box to gather the tiny things in it and keep them from being lost.
  • Keep the coffee table almost clear and do not put many things on tables and make them overcrowded because you should leave a place for drinks, food and the other requirements.
  • Arrange books horizontally and vertically on the shelves according to their sizes.
  • Cover the books that look bad with good colored papers.
  • Side tables are very useful as they help you to place your drink easily without having to stand and move to the coffee table.
  • The rug of the living room should not be small, but it should at least extend to reach the legs of the big chairs.
  • Measure the room before buying the furniture to avoid being bigger or smaller than the place in which it will be put.
  • Kids-bedroom-sets-design-inspiration-1-300x241 Your Home is Boring? Try to Renew It.
  • Do not let the back of the furniture touch the walls in order not to make the pieces of the furniture in the living room away from each other.                  

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  1. I work in home decoration industry in India. I will say that your ideas are nice and though they are pretty much a common sense, they really dont get to your mind instantaly(Like they say, common sense is not that common) !!

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