The Worst Times to Laugh… Take Care

There are countless benefits for laughing physically and psychologically. For instance laughing lowers blood pressure, it releases endorphin (natural pain killer) and it betters people’s sense of well-being. It is said that “laughter is the best medicine” however laughing in certain situations may cause problems or a state of misunderstanding among people. A feeling of empathy is one of the best characteristics one can have and more importantly it would be really appreciated by others. On the other hand people do not welcome an indifferent person; someone who laughs while they are in pain. There are many situations in which laughing can be embarrassing or weird and the article will cover some of them.

Although laughing during a funeral is very strange yet it is a bit familiar. Certainly, each of us came across such situation before; perhaps it is more like what happens during panic attacks. One does not know what is going on and he cannot help; his emotions are out of control at this moment. Another related situation is laughing at a sick friend in the hospital who got a broken leg or arm. It is thought to be a sign of love among boys laughing, calling their friend girlish and signing the splint. Perhaps this is their own way of taking their friend out of his misery!

Another tough situation one can be exposed to, is laughing while being punished. You will be punished harder; congratulations friend reached a dead end especially if it is your parents or teacher. Simply because they will think that either they are going softly, simply you don’t care or that you are showing courage that should be eliminated. One more shortcut to get beaten is laughing at someone’s talent and you will be the most fortunate man ever if this talent is one of the martial arts.

Being in bus,  metro or even just walking in the street forgetting that your earphones are on and laughing out loud while make everyone stare at you like an alien. This is because they have no idea what made you laugh all of a sudden in the middle of the street, and man fears the unknown. Laughing at public places for unexplained reasons is really embarrassing. For instance laughing at the cinema while watching a touchy scene; the death of one of the main actors for example, again you will be looking at as an idiot.

A more familiar situation is laughing at someone sliding in a manhole or a banana peel in the street. It just triggers laughter without even thinking for a second what if I were in his shoes? It is really hurts one’s feelings. Seeing someone over the moon with a new outfit, that is not your style and laughing is really disappointing too.

One of the most disastrous situations is going blank once you receive your exam paper. You can remember nothing or the worse happen when you remember all the other information in the book except for this one. What happens is a case of unbelieving that this is happening to you and then you start a nonstop laugh.

Receiving bad news and misconceiving it causes laughter also. In this case either the person saying the news is super cool to the extent that he does not seem serious or again you cannot believe that such thing could be happening by any means.

Indeed, after all these unusual situations where laughter wasn’t called for still one can’t deny the paramount importance of laughter in people’s lives. That is to say laugh as much as you can and wherever you go but bear in mind other people’s feelings.

Nessma Joussef

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