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Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends & Fads To Avoid

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Every year, there are too many ideas that are presented in the world of fashion to renew what we wear. Some of the new fashion ideas that are presented to us by fashion designers last for a long time to be called trends while there are other fashion ideas that attract people but are followed for a short period of time and this is why they are called fads because they quickly fade. Some of the trends and fads that were presented in the last year are derived from the past while there are others that appear for the first time.

It is a normal thing to find that most of the people if it is not all of them, follow the new fashion ideas, but sometimes you can find that these new ideas are not accepted by some people and for this reason, they do not last for other years. Here are the worst fashion trends and fads that appeared in the last year and do not exist now. You have to decide whether they are really bad and deserve to disappear or not.

Peplum waists: They were very common in the last year to decorate the waist but they do not exist now. They appeared on almost all the tops including jackets, dresses, and shirts.


Flatforms: These shoes with their high soles are considered to be among the worst trends in the last year for being uncomfortable while walking with them on your feet.


Cutouts: They appeared in the last year and were seen in many dresses. They are replaced in this year with sheer materials to cover the body.


Wedge sneakers: Although they spread quickly in the last year and there were many people who were crazy about them for being a new trend, there are some people who consider these sneakers as one of the worst trends because the sneakers are mainly made to be comfortable.


Sock-bun topknots: They are like balls that are placed on a woman’s head and there are some celebrities who followed this trend such as Kim Kardashian.

Sock-bun topknots

Harem pants: Some people did not like this trend and this is why it is not with us in this year.


Furkenstocks: They are not just one of the worst trends that appeared in the last year, but they are also considered as one of the funniest trends that make you laugh when you see them.


Short-shorts: There are many people who did not like this trend because a large part of the leg is left uncovered and this is why the trend does not appear in this year.


Grills: It spread among some young people and some celebrities but did not last for a long time to be one of the worst fads in the last year.


Shaved heads: They are the worst trend that appeared last year and no one can deny that. It is a horrible thing to see a woman whose hair is shaved like a man. Do you agree with that?

Rihanna Hairstyles (9)

What’s your opinion on these trends and fads?

Which one is the worst for you?

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