115+ Elegant Work Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Ladies

Most plus size women believe that finding some of the best outfit combinations for workplaces is rocket science. This isn’t difficult in any way as you will soon find out.  In this post, Pouted lifestyle magazine reveals some of the best outfit ideas for plus size ladies. Go through each of them and choose the one you like. They are all elegant work outfit ideas you have never seen before.

1 Blazer, scarf and pants

This is probably one of the best work outfit ideas for plus-sized women. The reason is that it has been discovered to make them look very simple and also very presentable in public. Another thing you can do is wearing flat shoes.

2 Skirt and shirt

The below pictures are simple enough to explain what this fashion idea is all about basically. The only rule you need to observe is ensuring that the skirt is long enough to reach your knee. This will ensure your thighs are covered whenever you are seating down during a business meeting.

3 Skirt, blazer and camisole

This is almost the same as the idea shared above. However, a close look at both will explain the difference. For instance, you need a camisole to make this idea effective. Also, it is recommended that you put on simple shoes to look elegant.

4 Classic business wear

Most plus-sized women usually find it hard to accept the idea of putting on classic wears for business meetings or during official hours. They feel these ideas are outdated and can’t create an impression on their clients. The below pictures will tell you something different. They are simple and classy business outfits for plus-sized women.

5 Body-fitted office gown and blazer or cardigan

This is an elegant combination that will make you appear very presentable before any workplace. Be very careful about the color combination to ensure that you are making the right impression on colleagues. For simplicity, you can stick with the black and white color combination as shown in the pictures. This is one of those outfit ideas for plus size ladies you don’t come across too often.

6 Lace jacket

This outfit may appear to be very simple but there is no doubt it can help you stand out among others in any formal environment. You can see lace jackets and camisoles being worn under them to cover sensitive parts of the body.

7 Button shirt, sweater and pants

Looking good in your workplace doesn’t mean you have to dress in a complicated manner. This is why you need to copy what this idea for plus-size women. It has been existing for years and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

8 Floral print tops

Looking at this top initially, you will want to believe that it isn’t a perfect choice for professionals in the workplace. This isn’t true as it has been designed to be used in various working environments.

9 Knit Combo Shirt

This shirt will be perfect for plus size women who want to appear professional in their workplaces. You can see how it has been sewn consciously to make women stand out in public. Simplicity is the watchword here.

10 Button top and trousers

This is another effective way to leave an indelible impression on clients and employers. It is very simple and can ensure you look very comfortable during work hours. The black shirt and black trousers will be very perfect.

11 Interview outfits

The truth about passing interviews is that you shouldn’t only concentrate on answering questions about the company you plan to work with. Also, you need to start considering the best clothes that can impress your potential boss. The below interview outfits are perfect to help you seal any contract or job. There are lots of elegant work outfit ideas but these ideas are unique.

12 The perfect combination

In case you don’t like wearing suits with button shirts, this idea can be a perfect alternative. You can see that although she is putting on a suit, she has decided to use a camisole instead of a button shirt. You can’t get it wrong with this plus size dressing idea.

13 Long sleeve blouse

Are you among those who believe that plus-size women can’t wear such this outfit at their work? Do you know that this idea is always trendy among such women? All you have to do is ensuring that the blouse is tucked in. It will give you a very gentle look.

14 Body-fitted blouse

As a plus-size woman, you don’t have to wear an over-sized blouse to work. This will only make your problems complicated. Instead, you need to put on something that is body-fitted. It shouldn’t be too tight though.

15 Autumn palette and green combination

Although the below color combination looks very impressive for any plus-size woman, it isn’t difficult to get. You can even try other colors for better results.

16 Summer outfit

This fashion idea is perfect for any work environment. You can see the bright color combination to produce something stunning.

17 Long sleeve blouse and skirt

This is has been one of the most trendy fashion ideas for plus size women who are over 40 years of age. It can make you look much younger than your present age.

18 Simple and elegant

Are you looking for the perfect plus size outfit to appear very presentable among your colleagues? This is probably one of the simplest styles you can try today. You can see how these outfits have been designed to look unique stylishly.


19 Special suit

These suits seem to be perfect in the world of fashion among plus-size women. It makes you look more professional for any job. This is one of the few elegant work outfit ideas which is expected to become very trendy in the coming years.

20 Decent dress

This idea is decent as it involves a simple dress. You will notice there aren’t too many colors to make her appear complicated.


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Elegant Work Outfit Ideas for Plus-Size Ladies