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My WordPress CTR Theme of Eppie Vojt Review – Will It Help YOU!

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About The WordPress CTR Theme:

WordPress CTR Theme is designed to make it easy for WordPress users to create informational websites which are AdSense monetized to get amazing click through rates. You can use the CTR Theme WordPress to easily transform any niche to a winner within a couple of seconds.

Eppie Vojt created this theme with step by step guidelines that will help you to get your traffic generating sites up and running in no time. He is a web developer who has successfully designed and created traffic generating sites. Most people are familiar with him through Flipwebsites, high authority sites involved in buying and selling sites.

The WordPress CTR Theme Features Review:

I have been using Google Adsense to earn money from blogs and websites, so when I discovered the WP CTR Theme I did not hesitate to give it a try. The whole idea was to use the theme to boost my earnings after increasing my click-through rates. In the past, I had problems to get the right look for my Adsense blogs and sites, but the CTR made the setup and everything else easier.

When you are using this wordpress theme, it will be easy for you to get the ideal layout because you will get graphical thumbnails with five options to choose from. All you have to do is click and a brand-new blog will appear with a theme that is Adsense optimized. Some of the powerful features that will get with this theme include Ad Randomization; Google Recommended Ad Placements; Ultra-fast Load Times; Admin Panel with rich features; Automatic Ad Hiding and Multiple Subthemes.


How The WordPress CTR Theme Works:

Once you install the CTR Theme for wordpress, you will get an advanced panel that you can use easily to customize every single detail to suit your requirements.

It will work automatically to blend ads to your theme and will implement high click through rates with Google recommended ad placements to increase traffic. Besides that, the CTR will randomize the ads and provide design and code that will load page at lightning speed. The theme will literally do everything for you to generate more traffic and increase your earnings.


What Makes WordPress CTR Theme Different and Impressive:

The CTR WordPress Theme is extremely user-friendly. Even with little knowledge of WordPress, you can easily download, install, upload and configure this theme in minutes.

Another good thing is that theme comes with five different layouts which are visually appealing. You can preview the layouts and then activate easily with a few clicks.

Besides that, the theme will adjust Google Ads color automatically to match the color scheme on your affiliate Adsense blog or review site and rotate ad placements automatically to appeal to generate more traffic.

The theme is updated constantly with new features and solutions to fix any problems which might occur. You will get notifications for all new updates. What’s more, excellent support is provided through support ticket, forums and WordPress CTR Theme tutorial videos


What I didn’t Like in The CTR WordPress Theme:

The CTR WordPress Theme is designed to boost Adsense earnings, so it might not be visually suited for other websites like an affiliate review website.

This wp theme will work automatically in some ways, but you are still required to write content and promote your site or blog to attract visitors.


You can use the theme for 60 days and get a refund if you are not satisfied!


 Bonus Or WordPress CTR Theme Discount Offers:

Get the theme at low price of $67 (Limited Offer), plus the Adsense Link-Building Secrets eBook free!


 Final Conclusion:

After using the CTR WordPress Theme for a few months, there has been a significant increase in my income and click through rates. So, I strongly recommend this theme for anyone who would like to earn more from Adsense sites or blogs.

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