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Discover How to Get Best windows hosting reseller Packages!

Many people think of hosting reseller as a possible inexpensive choice compared to shared web hosting. Nowadays Windows hosting reseller option is regarded as a much better choice more than Linux.


Here are a few from the basic benefits of windows Hosting Resellers:

1- windows reseller hosting provides all-in-one web hosting solutions and when this occurs it’s not necessary to host several company accounts. In windows hosting, customers aren’t distributed over several control panels like it’s the situation in Linux. Because in Linux, customers are distributed over different panels it will become essential for resellers to keep a tab on them. So, in windows it’s not necessary and it also will save money and time.

2- using windows web hosting you are able to manage several applications, whatever programming language they may be developed in. Therefore it allows you to manage a web site depending on MySQL and PHP adjacent to another site that could be working on ASP. An important feature about windows web hosting is the fact that all apps go on a single server which also using a single control panel that help make the job simpler for you.

3- With windows web hosting, you are able to use highly effective applications such as ASP and ASP.Net to make various web applications as well as well-known content management system.

4- With windows hosting reseller account, most advanced and updated technology can be found that can help with quick inclusion of portfolio solutions. For your customers it is possible to provide windows mobile, Exchange 2007, sharepoint, Push technology and active sync. Which means Windows hosting currently offers business level solutions. Therefore, you’ll find additional possibilities you making extra cash and also promote your qualified services at affordable rates.

5- Windows reseller hosting offers reliable data control as well as analysis applications.

6- Windows hosting offers better compatibility with Linux web hosting tools, So Windows hosting server is able to host web sites operating with Unix platform while Unix servers can’t host windows applications

7- Windows hosting has more powerful protection, greater speed as well as stability.

8- The Windows hosting has better scalability, so its users will get a much better system that supplies possibility to get bigger and increase their requirements as their businesses grow on-line. Simply they are able to use the latest technologies.

9- Interactive uses which includes Chat software will work better with Windows hosting. While, the DotNet and powerful Visual Basic uses will just work within Windows hosting.

Therefore, for reseller business, Windows reseller hosting is very lucrative having its scalability, less complicated administration, and power to keep updated using the fast technologies changes in the hosting area.


What features should best Windows reseller plans have?

According to the package which you select, the storage space provided varies from 7GB to 40 GB while bandwidth varies from 90 GB to 500 GB. Number of hosted domain names will vary from 80 to 450. Offer free set up, Free free Applications along high reliability.


Windows Hosting Reseller options include:

1- Guarantee of 99.9% Uptime
2- 100% Private-label
3- Free Web Templates
4- Enables the user to make reseller accounts
5- Private Nameservers available
6- Low cost Geotrust Certification
7- Free Enom Domain Reseller

The Windows hosting resellers are also able to generate, suspend or delete web hosting accounts, manage the client’s bandwidth in addition to storage space, alot of e-mail accounts and databases and handle DNS Zone.


Additional options may include:

1- Web site Back-up
2- Unlimited SubDomains
3- Usage Reports and Analysis
4- Unlimited FTP Accounts
5- PhpMyAdmin
6- Unlimited E-mail Accounts
7- Password Secured Directories and Files
8- Databases Back-up and Restore
9- SmarterMail Enterprise
10- MSSQL Web Admin
11- World-class Web mail
12- Customized Error Pages
13- Web based (Online) File Manager
14- Updated Anti-spam and anti-virus programs


What is Best Windows Hosting Reseller?

From Our Users Feedback, Reviews and comparing features and prices; there is only one result:

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