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When Will Your Website Need VPS or Dedicated server?

What type of hosting solutions should you choose, VPS or dedicated server? It is really confusing and to be able to decide which one is more appropriate for your business, please read the following passages.

The servers that are used for hosting websites and storing their contents do not have the same efficiency so you can find different solutions for hosting websites such as shared website hosting, virtual private server hosting that is widely known as VPS hosting and we also have dedicated hosting or servers. There are many features that should be taken into consideration when you choose the server that will be used for hosting your website such as the amount of space that is presented to store the content of your website, the level of reliability that is offered to guarantee your website to be always up and running and you have also the ability to control the server because there are some web hosting solutions that do not offer the right to control the server that hosts your website.

There is not a hosting solution that can be recommended to all webmasters who want to have their websites hosted because the websites differ from each other in their needs, so you have first to decide your demands and your business’s requirements to know what to choose. The servers that offer more efficiency and reliability can be found in dedicated hosting and VPS hosting, but which one should you choose for your website. To help you to know what is more suitable for you whether it is VPS or dedicated server, we present to you the difference between both of them.

Dedicated web hosting

Through dedicated web hosting, you will be allowed to get your website hosted on a server that is dedicated just for you. There is not another website that shares the server with you, so you can enjoy the highest level of speed, security, other resources and services that are presented by the server alone. You have all the amount of space that you need for storing the content of your website, you are given the right to control your server and you also get a high level of reliability that is needed to get your website protected and to have it always up and running without suffering from any downtime. You can find that dedicated web hosting is the best solution that is offered for hosting your website, but the worst thing about it is that it is the most expensive solution for getting your website hosted. So, you will need to pay for the absolute freedom that you get, hardware, maintenance and for the other services that are dedicated just for you without being shared with others. Dedicated web hosting is recommended for large business owners to meet their businesses’ needs.

VPS hosting

Virtual private server hosting that is known among people as VPS is considered by many webmasters as the best solution for hosting their websites because it is not as expensive as dedicated servers and is suitable for websites with moderate traffic. Most of the features that are offered by dedicated servers can be found in VPS hosting but not at the same price. In VPS hosting, you can get the amount of space that you want, the needed bandwidth and the reliability that ensures your website to be always up and running. The main difference between VPS and dedicated web hosting is that in dedicated servers you have the full right to control the server on which your website is hosted without sharing this with other websites, but in VPS you will find that the whole server is divided into other several virtual private servers that are isolated from each other.

You get a virtual private server or a part of the server that is dedicated just for you, not shared with other websites and you are given the right to control only your VPS and not the whole server like what happens in dedicated web hosting. So, the server is shared with other websites but it is only you who can use and control your VPS without being accessed by other websites on the same server. The services are presented at a low price because the whole cost is shared with other websites that are hosted on the same server. In case you find that VPS is not capable of satisfying you, meeting your business’s needs and the growing number of traffic, then you can move your website to dedicated server.

So, VPS is considered by many webmasters as a compromise between shared hosting which is the best choice for beginners or small business owners and dedicated server which is the best solution for large business owners who are in need of larger amount of bandwidth and disk space to accommodate the content of their websites and to be able to meet their growing demands and high web traffic. This means that depending on your needs and your business’s requirements, you will be able to determine which hosting type and plan will be more suitable for you.

There are many web hosting companies that offer different solutions to their customers to have their websites hosted. It will be better for you when you look for a web hosting company to choose the one that offers VPS hosting and dedicated server to make it easy for you to move to anyone of them according to your needs and the size of your business. One of the best companies that provides you with the two hosting solutions is InMotion Hosting.

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“InMotion Hosting” offers three plans for virtual private servers as you have VPS-1000, VPS-2000 and VPS-3000 and they feature a custom firewall and dedicated mail server.  VPS-1000 plan which offers the lowest price features 512MB for the dedicated memory or RAM, 1GB for burstable memory, 40GB for disk space, 750GB per month for bandwidth, 2 dedicated IP addresses, CentOS, cPanel as a control panel, WHM for reseller access, backups every 24-36 hours for protecting your server and its data, RAID 10 fault tolerant disk space, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited e-mail accounts, optional root access, free setup, 90-day money-back guarantee if you are going to pay for and the cost of the services starts at $29.99 per month.

For dedicated servers, InMotion Hosting presents 5 plans and two of them are commercial. The company guarantees the highest level of security, uptime and speed which helps you to get more traffic and to always have your website up and running without suffering from any downtime. The Essential plan which offers the lowest price features Intel Core E2220/E5400 for CPU, dual core/2T, 2 threads, 2GB for the RAM, 2 x 160GB for disk space, 4.0TB per month for bandwidth, 5 dedicated IP addresses, CentOS, cPanel as a control panel, WHM, 1-2MB for CPU cache, 2-hour hardware replacement, 100% premium Dell servers, 99.9% uptime, SSH access, optional root access, 30-day money-back guarantee, custom firewall, unlimited separate websites, unlimited parked domains and free setup. The cost of the services that are offered through the plans of dedicated servers starts at $119.99 per month.

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InMotion Hosting presents to its customers a perfect a 24/7/365 customer support through a professional staff that is available around the clock to provide you with the needed help, to answer all of your questions and to handle any technical issue with your server. There are many support channels through which you can contact the support staff such as phone, live chat or e-mail.

InMotion Hosting provides its customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee for dedicated servers and 90-day money-back guarantee for VPS hosting. These guarantees help you to try the services that are presented to you within a limited time which is 30 days or 90 days according to the type of hosting plan that you purchase. If you find that the services are not satisfactory or that they are not enough for meeting your growing demands, then you will simply get a full refund without being asked any question.

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