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Why Timex Legacy Always Lures Seasoned Watch Lovers?

The fast-paced world keeps us all busy, often taking a toll on our health. But think of the times you so wanted to have that time machine wrapped around your wrist. And what’s with these luxury watches that make us go head over heels? What’s with the hi-tech design that allures us to buy the most extravagant of them? It’s all in our brain, or maybe we all somewhere mutually agree to the fact that the final ‘Midas touch’ can only be added by a high-end luxury timepiece, even when you are dressed to your best ability.  Controlling time is the intrinsic need that the entire race of humans secretly desires. That is the lure, which keeps them have a tab of it. Well, controlling time isn’t in our hands, but wrapping it around the wrist can give us some power. Perhaps, that’s what the best luxury watch brands have been aspiring to do all these years. Since we are already talking about luxury timepieces, how can we possibly forget to acknowledge the contribution of Timex? It has been in the market for almost one and a half-century and has decorated the wrists of many? Whether you need to buy men’s watches online or women’s, Timex is a brand that won’t disappoint.  Well, this isn’t one of those fleeting achievements Timex has achieved in the digital era; rather, it is years of hard work, precision, and the brand’s intrinsic ability to connect with the customers that have helped it maintain its reputation in the market. Timex’s rich legacy is interesting enough to lure any seasoned watch-lover for all the right reasons. And in case you are in oblivion about it, we are here to walk you through its history.

Originally known as “Waterbury Clock Company”

So, here is a break for you, Timex was initially founded as a clock company back in 1854 known as “Waterbury Clock Company.” Those days, clocks were dedicatedly manufactured in the Naugatuck Valley. Producing millions of clocks helped that region garner the name “Switzerland of America.” The clocks were specifically famous for their ability to tell time precisely, which is a trademark replete in all luxury watches presented by Timex. Look at the recently launched Q Timex Reissue, and you will easily recognize the glimpse of ‘perfection’ oozing from this new line of watches.

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Birth of the ‘Timex’ Brand

Right from its birth in 1854 to the 1940s and the 50s, Waterbury Clock Company (WCC) had been a true companion of people. It was extensively used by soldiers and people working for World War II and the Vietnam War. After the end of the Korean war in 1953, the company image had to be revamped, and hence Lehmkuhl came up with more technologically driven and budget-friendly watches for the masses. The watches came intact with ultra-hard alloy steel and well-crafted bearings with Armalloy. All these new developments gave birth to the ‘Timex’ brand; the ‘X’ here stands for the brand’s hunger for keeping up with evolving technology.

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Entry into the Indian Market

Timex came into the Indian market almost 25 years back and since then has become the darling of Indian consumers. If you are searching for watches for men in India, Timex is the best brand to invest in. Not only are there watches functional, but they also do not compromise with quality anywhere.

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