Why Stripes clothing fashion Will Change Your Mind!

Stripes clothing is the latest fashion for women and men this year, stripes clothing represents elegance and taste.   You can add excitement and geometric dimension to your wardrobe this winter with stripes cloth, which finds great existence at  the fashion  shows of this season. Stripes clothes always combines just two colors, most of the people like to make it formal by wearing a long coat.

Stripes clothing  appeared whether longitudinal or cross lines in Fashion Week in New York, and it has appeared in the fashion shows of the most famous fashion designers. If you intend to wear stripes cloth it will be either cross or  longitudinally, and each of them has its own advantage and disadvantage. If you are a tall It would be troublesome for you to wear longitudinal stripes , but this is more convenient for short people. While cross stripes make you look fatter than you are so it will be more convenient for thin and slim people not for fat people.

Thin stripes are more preferable , they are more elegant besides wide stripes are no longer fashionable. There is no forbidden colors in stripes clothing but at the same time you should be aware of Complementary colors that when they meet together in the stripes be so terrible. Such as red and green, and so are the colors yellow and violet,the orange and blue. Stripes trousers come on the top of fashion and spread a lot nowadays,because it is diverse and can be worn on all occasions, it is preferred to wear on it one color t-shirt with a light jacket to enjoy elegance.


Stripes suits look so gorgeous, be sure to wear One color shirt and it is more preferred to have the same color of the stripes. You can also wear
jail-stripe Why Stripes clothing fashion Will Change Your Mind!
post1rayas Why Stripes clothing fashion Will Change Your Mind!

Striped shirts with striped suit, but the size of each stripe should be different from the other.

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