Why Should I Believe in God?

Is there a God? Where is God? Why should I believe in God? Is God still alive? Why should I trust God? All of these questions and more come to our minds when we start contemplating everything around us including nature, different creatures and even ourselves and what happens to us throughout our life. Who has created all what we see and who is responsible for what happens to us? You are not the only one to ask these questions. Sometimes, you may find yourself confused and really tired because you do not find answers to your questions and there is nothing around you that can prove the existence of God. The atheists usually say that there is not a God and the idea of God’s existence is entirely wrong. They believe in what they say; however they do not have a proof to confirm that what they say is true. The inability to prove what you say means that we should not believe your thoughts. So, let’s move to others who believe in the existence of God. They have different reasons that make you believe in God and trust Him. Here are a few evidences that can convince you to believe in God and His existence instead of feeling that you are lost in this life.

♦ God wants you to find Him & believe in his existence

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Thinking about the existence of God most of the time and reading more about this to find whether God really exists or not is chiefly caused by God. God wants us to find Him and this is why He motivates us to talk more about His existence and its reality to make sure that He is really there. God surrounds us with several evidences that prove His existence and creativity and force us to admit that He is really there.

♦ The perfect creation of the Earth

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The planet on which we live is perfect in everything to allow different creatures to live on it unlike other planets. The size of the planet has a great effect on the atmosphere and the mixture of gases that can be found on it. The Earth is the only planet to have the right mixture gases because of its size which makes it possible for the creatures to live on it. The location of the planet affects the temperature on it. The Earth is the only planet with a perfect location which allows us to live on it and shows us that the Earth is created precisely without a single mistake.

♦ The Importance of water & its unique characteristics

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Water does not have a color, smell or even a taste; however we cannot live without it. Water is one of the most essential things for all the creatures on the Earth to stay alive. Water has the ability to reach the smallest blood vessels in our bodies which makes it possible for the whole body to get the needed nutrients and to easily absorb food, minerals and medicines that enter our bodies in different ways. Water can move against gravity to allow the top of different plants and even the tallest trees to get the needed nutrients from the soil.

♦ The complexity of the human brain

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The human brain is one of the most complicated and astonishing things that you can ever find in this world. It controls different processes that happen in our bodies including thoughts, emotions, different functions of our bodies and more. The brains that we have are capable of processing about one million messages per second which shows the creativity of God.

♦ The evolution of the Universe

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It is scientifically believed that the main reason behind the start of the universe and the beginning of everything that exists in this world is an enormous explosion of light and energy and this theory is widely known as the “Big Bang”. Although most of the scientists depend on this theory to explain the evolution of the universe, they are still unable to find the main reason behind the enormous explosion that suddenly took place. There must be an intelligent Creator who is responsible for all of that and is also behind the creation of the main ingredients in the universe.

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♦ The laws of nature that stay the same without changing from time to time.

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♦ The DNA that is responsible for telling each cell what to do and how to act.

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♦ Faith is a necessity in our lives. There must be a thing that you believe in even if this thing is you yourself.

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♦ In spite of the great progress and the scientific and technological development that we have achieved, there are many things that are still mysterious and have no explanations.

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♦ What is mentioned in the holy books of different religions including events, places and other information is really true and you can convince yourself of this by visiting these places and reading more about the events that happened in the past.

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♦ Israel’s dispersion on earth, suffering and possessing lands are all things that were predicted before by Moses.

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“It’s never too late to have a fresh start with God”

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