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Why Old Domains are More Valuable?

Every domain seller asks himself several questions before selling domains.

How could he make more money?
What factors positively influence the domain selling?

If the domainer is able to answer these questions then his business will be one step closer to success. These are important questions either the domainer is new in this business or not.

One of the most important aspects in selling domains is the ‘age’. The age of a domain is the time elapsed from the day it was registered by you until right now. A 7 dollar domain, just registered, doesn’t worth much even though it has a great name. There are multiple plans influenced by the age of a domain.

It is not complicated to understand. The ‘older’ the domain is, the more time for improving it you have. Think about some great domain names. Build a content page and some backlinks and you are ready to put up the domain. It is very important for the domain to have a high pagerank and in order to achieve this you must build many backlinks. The more backlinks you build the higher its value goes and this is important if you want a big profit.

If you take a look at top sold domains you will notice great profits for those domain names registered before 2000. Now that you know this, don’t ‘forget’ details, like the registration date of the domain, from your sales pitch. This could bring you a bad reputation. Write everything and describe every detail because if you play fare you will gain the sympathy of your buyers. You must act professionally.

If you don’t need urgent money then don’t speed the process. Domain names gain visibility on search engines, in time, so the older the domain is the more visibility it has. Be patient because it is very important. Let the domain to evolve by its own and you will be amazed by the results.

To better understand how this process works, think of the interest from a bank. The older your deposit is, the bigger it grows. And think that the process is even faster in domain selling business. If the domain name is not at least one year old, then it is not worth selling it.

People could think that you are desperate for money and this is a negative aspect. And it gets even worse because they will remember you after several months when you will try to sell your product again. So don’t hurry and keep in mind that time is a ‘bank deposit’ that makes your domain’s value bigger and bigger.


So, How to Find Valuable Ages Domains?

Although this process is very hard, but could be done easily in 1 step using “Domain Samurai Software“.

This Domain software can be downloaded Free and offer many premium features:

1- Find “aged domains” to get PageRank and backlinks.
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