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Why Netflix Gift Card Is The Perfect Gift for 2022

Some communities would say that Netflix has changed the way people watch movies and TV shows in their homes. People would no longer search every nook and cranny of the Internet to stream their favorite films and shows. But, Netflix requires users to pay for subscription plans for them to enjoy every piece of content the streaming service has to offer. Now, you might have a Netflix subscription, but you can’t share your feelings about particular content to your friends and family if they don’t have a Netflix plan. But, you can remedy that concern by giving them a Netflix gift card. Here are six reasons why a Netflix gift card is the perfect gift to give for 2021:

1 Ideal for People in a Tight Budget

If you go through the normal process of acquiring a Netflix subscription, you’d have to subscribe to a monthly payment plan. But, not everyone has the luxury of a secure financial status to cover for the monthly dues of the video streaming platform.

A Netflix gift card can alleviate such worries. Generally, the monthly subscription plan would acquire payments through connected bank or credit accounts. This auto-pay system is convenient for many people since they won’t need to queue in long lines to pay to renew the monthly subscription. With a Netflix gift card, a user doesn’t have to worry about unexpected fees as the plan doesn’t renew once the duration of the subscription ends. If the user wants to renew the plan, they can input another Netflix card to continue watching their favorite shows.

Give a Netflix gift card as a present for your loved ones who think they can’t afford to pay for a renewing monthly subscription at the moment. While you’re at it, suggest a few shows, like animated movies or blockbuster films, for the receiver of the gift to watch on the streaming platform.

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Netflix-675x451 Why Netflix Gift Card Is The Perfect Gift for 2022

2 Stay at Home

Twenty-twenty is the year that the COVID-19 pandemic stifled the entire world. Different governments have ordered people to stay at home as going outside means being at risk of contracting the virus. One excellent way for the people you hold near and dear to your heart to stay at home is for them to watch Netflix shows all day.

Let the receiver of the card enjoy commercial-free viewing of their favorite TV series as they finish different seasons in one sitting. Otherwise, a Netflix cardholder can watch recommended movies that they missed on the big screen.

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3 Use More Than One Card

Do you want the receiver of the Netflix gift card to enjoy streaming content for more than one month?  If so, then, the new Netflix user can input several gift card codes at once to enjoy several months of content-streaming pleasure. For example, you give three Netflix gift cards to a colleague at your workplace. Then, that person can input the three codes found on the card in one online session. Take note that the streaming service counts one code input as one month’s worth of content streaming on the platform. So, inputting three codes means the individual can enjoy three months’ worth of watching their favorite films and shows on Netflix.

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4 Account Security

The Internet can be a scary place. One moment you’re reading articles on a news website, the next second you receive an email saying that someone hacked your credit card details. Some people avoid Netflix because it means inputting their credit card details into the site’s system. Take note that hackers are getting craftier each day. So, cyberattackers may still bypass through Netflix’s secure system and steal all the data concerning the company’s users, mainly their credit card information.

The receiver of your Netflix card doesn’t have to worry about inputting any bank or card details into the site’s system. Instead, that individual only has to input the code written on the card. After Netflix confirms the code, the new user can start watching the various content on the platform. Hence, giving a Netflix card to another person gives them peace of mind, knowing their bank or credit account details are still safe and sound.

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5 No Expiration

People have their favorite movies and TV shows, but these may no longer be accessible by ordinary means. For instance, a famous comedy show ended its last season in 2019. Consequently, a particular movie might no longer be available in movie houses. Now, people have different tastes in movies and shows. So, a person who receives your Netflix gift card might not find it interesting to hop into the streaming platform. It’s because they can’t find anything interesting to watch on it at the moment. But, the time may come when that person’s favorite film or show arrives on Netflix. Still, that may be days, months, or years before those pieces of content show up on the platform.

Thankfully, Netflix gift cards have no expiration dates. So, it can be the year 2025, and the receiver of your gift card can still use this particular present that you gave in 2021.

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6 Use in Another Country

Netflix has an algorithm wherein it shows different content, depending on the user’s country. So, the receiver of the gift card might move out of the country soon. That scenario is no cause for concern since you can use the Netflix gift card anywhere. But, the content that pops up on the user’s dashboard would differ, depending on the country where they inputted the code. So, you might not see Korean dramas if you input the code in the US. Otherwise, you might not see some US-based shows if you did input the code in Asia. Warn the new user before they use the card to give them a heads up.

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tablet-watching-netflix-675x563 Why Netflix Gift Card Is The Perfect Gift for 2022


Give a Netflix gift card today, and the receiver can gain different benefits from that present. Take note that this gift card has no expiry date, and it’s usable in different countries. Furthermore, it’s the perfect gift for people who value Internet security because they don’t need to input credit card details to the site.

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