Why It’s Time for Smart Home Upgrades?

If you hesitated to add smart home features like a door lock, doorbell, or thermostat because of the complexity, your wait is over. At least 25% of Americans with a broadband internet connection have one or more smart home devices, but managing multiple apps and systems is a drag. Voice control assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home unify smart home devices by providing one interface that’s easy to use. Homeowners can increase property values by implementing functional technology upgrades that modernize the house and make living more comfortable without the hassle of managing multiple systems.

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1 Lower maintenance

Keyless locks, doorbells, and alarm systems are compatible with voice control systems so you can lock the doors and arm your alarm before you leave the house. You won’t worry about leaving your house unprotected, or wonder whether or not a real estate agent visited when your house is on the market. If a package delivery arrives, you can give a temporary code to have valuable items left inside the house rather than exposed on the front porch. Ask Alexa or Google Home what time of day visitors accessed the lock, or how many times the doorbell rang.

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2 Environmental impact

Never underestimate the investment required to maintain attractive outdoor landscaping. Even xeriscaping takes conscious effort and management in the new climate change era. Take the guesswork out of programming your irrigation system with an automated sprinkler system that you can adjust with voice commands. Sensors automatically adjust the length of the cycle based on rainfall or turn the system off if there has been significant rainfall.

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3 Cost savings

If you’ve ever tried to program a wall thermostat, you know it’s no easy endeavor. Voice controlled smart thermostats give you the power to adjust the temperature from the couch, or program it with a simple command instead of fumbling your way through the menu on a wall-mounted unit. Ask the thermostat for real-time energy consumption figures along with the detailed utility cost projections for the new setting. See the impact that simple DIY projects can make on property value at Current popular models average about $200 but save about $180 annually on heating and cooling costs.

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4 Attractiveness

Voice control assistants make it easy to control attractive lighting features like dimmers, motion detectors, and color changes. With voice compatible switches to control lamps or smart light bulbs in ceiling fixtures, you can set up programs with voice commands to turn them on or off without having to program a complex set in a handheld device app. Color changing bulbs instantly adjust the ambiance for parties or sync to music or video games for a unique effect. Lighting moods are easy to adjust on the fly with voice control.

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5 Voice control unifies your smart home devices

Join the smart home revolution without the complexity of multiple apps and interfaces. When investing in your home, concentrate on eco-friendly and high-tech updates that modernize and help with conservation efforts. You’ll reap the benefits of lower maintenance, cost savings, and a smaller carbon footprint. Voice control makes it possible to integrate smart home components into a system that’s easy to use.

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