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Why Is the Grumpy Cat Always Angry?

Facial expressions always help us to communicate with each other and to understand other people even before using words to express their feelings. The same thing happens with animals especially the dogs and cats that we have at our homes. But what will you do when you find that one of the animals which you keep at your home has the same facial expressions that do not change at all and stay the same like what happens with the Grumpy Cat? The Grumpy Cat is always angry and does not give you the chance to feel that it is happy even if you do your best to please it thanks to its facial expressions. In fact, there are many things that you may not know about the Grumpy Cat, so let’s discover more facts about this cat that is always angry and never smiles through taking a look at the interesting facts that are presented here.

♦ Do you know that “Grumpy Cat” is not the real name?

Tardar Sauce is the real name of this cat but it is commonly known as the Grumpy Cat which is its internet name. The cat’s grumpy facial expression has made it one of the most popular celebrities on the internet.

♦ Who is the owner of the Grumpy Cat?

The Grumpy Cat is owned by Tabatha Bundesen and was born on April 4, 2012 to start to be one of the most popular internet celebrities thanks to her facial expression which is permanently grumpy according to her owner.

♦ Why is the Grumpy Cat always angry?

The Grumpy Cat’s owner says that the main reason behind making her cat look grumpy all the time is that she has malocclusion or underbite and feline dwarfism which affect the facial expression of the cat and make her look angry all the time unlike other cats. What is really strange is that this cat was born to normal parents; however she has strange hind legs and is undersized.

♦ When did the Grumpy Cat start to be famous?

The Grumpy Cat started to be famous when Bryan, Tabatha Bundesen’s brother, posted the first photo of the Grumpy Cat to Reddit on September 22, 2012 to be used after that as an image macro for expressing anger. The popularity of the Grumpy Cat started to increase rapidly to the extent that it appeared on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and the cover of the New York Magazine in 2013. What is more important is that her page on Facebook which is called “The Official Grumpy Cat” has more than 7 million likes till now. Do you have the same number of likes on your page? Of course not!

♦ Who is responsible for the Grumpy Cat?

The Grumpy Cat is a very famous, important and busy cat to the extent that it has three managers; Ben Lashes, Tabatha who manages her schedule and Bryan who is responsible for managing her website, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

♦ The Grumpy Cat is the wealthiest cat

This cat which is less than three years old is considered to be the wealthiest cat till now since it succeeded in making £64 million, which is about $100 million, in just two years which is a very short time to be better than the biggest names in Hollywood and even the most famous footballers in the world like Christiano Ronaldo.