Why Is the Earth Flat & Not Round?!!

Is the Earth round or flat? Can you answer this question? The Earth has been known for thousands of years to be round and not flat, however, there are some people who still believe that the Earth is flat and not round. If the Earth is round, how can you prove this and convince others that the Earth is not flat? There are several ways through which you can prove that the Earth is round and most of these ways were discovered by ancient Greeks and other scientists during ancient times in spite of the absence of the technological devices that we have today. If you are really curious to discover more and want to know why the Earth is round and not flat, take a look at the reasons that are presented here to help you believe that the Earth takes the spherical shape and not the flat one. ♦ Ships in the sea When you look at a ship in the sea while approaching you, you will find that the ship looks as if it emerges up from the sea and its waves and such a thing happens because our planet is round and not flat.

ships in the sea
ships in the sea (1)
ships in the sea (2)
♦ The higher you are, the farther & better you can see When you move to a high place, you will find that you can see everything clearly. Why does this happen? We believe that our inability to see many things which are located far from us is caused by the different obstacles that can be found on the ground such as mountains, trees, houses and more. In fact, this is not true because even if there are no obstacles in front of you, you will find it difficult to see those far objects while being on the ground because the Earth is not flat.
the higher you are
the higher you are (1)
the higher you are (2)
♦ All the other planets are spherical The planets are not the same as they differ in their size, location, number of moons and more, however there are specific characteristics that can be found in all of them and one of these characteristics is the shape. All the planets are spherical and this is why our planet is also believed to be the same like those spherical planets.
spherical planets
spherical planets (1)
spherical planets (2)
spherical planets (3)
♦ Lunar eclipse The lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the moon and the sun. The moon passes behind the Earth into its shadow and this is why all or part of the moon is hidden for a time. The shadow, which is the Earth’s shadow, that appears on the moon is round and there are no straight lines which is a clear evidence that the Earth is a SPHERE.
lunar eclipse
lunar eclipse (2)
lunar eclipse (1)
♦ Time zones & differences in time When the sun shines on one side of the Earth, the other side “the opposite side” becomes dark. We all know that and such a phenomenon is highly responsible for the existence of time zones and time differences. This phenomenon also proves that our planet is a sphere because if the Earth was flat, you would be able to see the sun even if you are in the dark side and the sun works like a spotlight according to the Flat Earth Theory.
time zones
time zones (1)
time zones (2)
time zones (3)
time zones (4)
♦ Different constellations The farther you move away from the equator, the more different constellations you will see. This happens because those constellations that can be found in different places which are close to the equator start to disappear in the horizon when you move away from the equator to find other new constellations which are completely different. This proves that the Earth is round because if it was flat, such a phenomenon would not happen.
constellations (1)
constellations (2)
constellations (3)
♦ The pictures of the Earth from space The numerous pictures, which were taken by NASA spacecrafts, satellites and different space agencies, of the Earth from space throughout the past years are considered to be clear evidence that the Earth is round and not flat as it is claimed by some people.
Earth from space
Earth from space (1)
Earth from space (2)
Earth from space (3)
Earth from space (4)
Earth from space (5)
Earth from space (6)
♦ Has no edge You can travel around the world and go to any place you like on Earth without falling. Why does this happen? It happens because the Earth is a sphere and has no edges. If the Earth was flat, it would have edges and we would fall when we reach these edges.
flat Earth
flat Earth (1)
flat Earth (2)
flat Earth (3)
flat Earth (4)


Do you still think that the Earth is Flat and not Round??

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