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Why Houseplants Are This Year’s Best Birthday Gifts

Even if we can’t see our friends and family in person this year, we’re still thinking about them, especially on their birthday. If you’re wondering what to give someone on their big day, try a houseplant. There are loads of reasons to love houseplants, which we’ll explain below. And they’re easy to gift to someone near or far with some help from a plant delivery service. So forgo the chocolates and gadgets and give someone a touch of green.

1 Houseplants add some life to home decor

Bringing nature into your home has become a popular interior design trend. Houseplants are an easy way to bring a touch of the outdoor world inside. What’s even better is that there is a houseplant for every area of your home. If you know someone who lives in a small apartment, potted succulents are perfect for setting on windowsills or adding to a shelf on the wall. They can even be added as components of a living wall!

Other houseplants such as orchids and anthurium add some color and height to corner tables. And if you’re looking for a plant that looks great in a hanging basket, consider a pothos or wandering jew.

Houseplants-home-decor-675x827 Why Houseplants Are This Year’s Best Birthday Gifts

Houseplants-home-decor-2-675x380 Why Houseplants Are This Year’s Best Birthday Gifts

2 Their greenery helps improve mental health

If you’ve ever felt you’re a bit calmer after walking in the park or looking at some trees outside your window, you have not imagined this. Green spaces play a big role in reducing stress and anxiety, as well as improving our ability to focus. Since lots of us are spending more time inside during 2020, our exposure to parks and other green spaces might be a bit limited. That’s where houseplants come in. Houseplants add a touch of nature and therefore provide the benefits associated with green space. Research has shown that houseplants have multiple psychological and physiological benefits. They help us feel comfortable and soothed, and they can decrease blood pressure.

Along with decreasing feelings of stress, houseplants can also increase our ability to focus. Therefore, they make great gifts for someone who is spending a lot of their time in a makeshift home office! By sending them a plant, you’re not only telling them you care, but you’re also helping to decrease their stress and anxiety.

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Houseplants-home-decor-3-675x450 Why Houseplants Are This Year’s Best Birthday Gifts

3 Plants are the gift that keeps on giving

When you give someone a thoughtless gift, you risk that it might end up unused or in the trash. Other gifts, including food and flowers, only last a few weeks. Houseplants will last years as long as they’re properly cared for. Not only will the plant last for more than a few weeks, but it can also produce more plants.

That’s right — it’s easy to use propagation methods to produce more houseplants from an original plant. Therefore a plant is not only a gift, but it’s also a potential hobby! These extra plants can be kept at home or given away.

Houseplants-675x1013 Why Houseplants Are This Year’s Best Birthday Gifts

Houseplants-home-decor-6-675x844 Why Houseplants Are This Year’s Best Birthday Gifts

4 Houseplants give people something to care for

While you may be questioning giving someone a houseplant due to the care it requires, remember that humans are caring creatures. While plants don’t replace human interaction, they can help us feel less alone. When we have something to care for, we have a greater sense of purpose.

The great news is that there are hundreds of different types of houseplants available, and they all require a different level of care. If your gift recipient is a bit forgetful, a ZZ plant or succulent is perfect for them since these plants can survive weeks without water. All they have to do is water it every few weeks, and they’ll feel like they have a green thumb. If you know someone detail-oriented and a master with plants, you can give a plant that requires a bit more attention and care. These more advanced plants include fiddle leaf figs and orchids.

Houseplants-home-decor-7-675x450 Why Houseplants Are This Year’s Best Birthday Gifts

Houseplants-8-675x450 Why Houseplants Are This Year’s Best Birthday Gifts

Make a birthday brighter with a houseplant

While nothing is normal this year, birthdays are a reminder that the world keeps turning. Let your loved one know you’re thinking of them by giving them a houseplant. As they look at the plant in the years to come, they’ll remember how much you care.

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