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Why Is Hostpapa Suitable for Your Small Business? .. [Detailed Review]

A web host is a firm that presents the services and necessary technologies which allow you to have webpage/s viewed on the Internet. The hosting service provider stores the websites of its clients on servers. Choosing the suitable web host for your needs is a significant decision that should be made mindfully rather than randomly. It depends on the purpose for which you need the service; is your website for a small business or startup, or a medium or grand organization?

About Hostpapa

Based in Toronto, Canada, the Hostpapa web hosting company has been providing various hosting services since established in 2006. It is an independent, eco-friendly company that primarily targets small business owners. Considering the nature of its targeted clients, Hostpapa provides easy-to-use site tools for the newbies.

However their data centers are in Canada and North America, they target international users from different areas, including Europe, Australia, India, Hong Kong, etc. Some suggest that they need to spread data centers worldwide for more efficient hosting service. Indeed, Hostpapa seems quite ambitious about presenting cross-border services, for they offer impressive multi-language customer support.

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Hostpapa plans

The web host service provider offers three packages: the Starter, Business, and Business Pro. The common features among the three are free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth along with essential features, including free website transfer, one-on-one training, cloudLinux servers, 24/7 support, etc. The Starter plan quite suits a personal, basic website or blog; it offers you two sites and 100 GB disk space. The business plans present unlimited websites and disk space; however, the unlimited storage is for the website/s files only, not for data archiving such as email and computer files. Plus, there are advanced features that include unlimited add-on domains, email accounts, and MYSQL databases. The Pro Business has extra performance and security enhancements.

It remains that you know that the web host company offers fantastic discounts on its three plans’ monthly registrations. The Starter and Business costs have dropped down to nearly $4 from its regular price, almost $8 and $13 respectively. Pro-Business price is $12.95 after 35% off.

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Hostpapa-unlimited-disk-space Why Is Hostpapa Suitable for Your Small Business? .. [Detailed Review]

Now, let us view the ups and downs of Hostpapa web hosting service.


1 An independent hosting company

If you prefer local, private-owned services rather than those owned by huge corporations, then Hostpapa is a good choice for you. To go for an independent web hosting company, you should make sure that they have the necessary expertise and a history of achievements that promises an efficient service.

2 99.9% uptime

A 99.9% uptime guarantees you that your website/s will always be available. This feature is included in all the plans of Hostpapa. High server uptime is an essential factor to consider when choosing a web hosting.

3 Quick server speed

However the website speed does not solely depend on the server speed, it is a significant factor to consider. Tracing Hostpapa’s Time to First Byte (TTFB) shows an impressive improvement in the service’s loading speed.

4 Site tools and services for beginners

The company offers its users with no web developing expertise various assisting tools to make their websites effortlessly. They provide their novice clients an easy-to-use website builder that comprises hundreds of templates of professional designs. Using a drag and drop features, you could make and customize a website quickly and effortlessly. The web hosting service provider also presents video tutorials and nearly 2500 article to inform the users on how to get the most of their web hosting. An additional assisting option is to book a one-to-one training session for 30 minutes with one of the company’s experts.

5 Positive reviews

The user reviews are, no doubt, a significant indicator of the quality of the presented service. Therefore, viewing them should be part of your research when looking for a web hosting service. And in the case of HostPapa, the customer reviews on their website is quite positive. Together with the previously mentioned customer tools and services, it appears that Hostpapa pays good attention to their customer service.‏

6 Complementary services

Hostpapa provides a variety of complementary services in a high-quality, including the domain registration, email, design services, etc. As a domain registrar, they offer competitive pricing, compared to many other services.

7 Inexpensive pricing and big discounts

Hostpapa is a certified green hosting service; they have been a leading company in green energy web hosting since their establishment. Unlike the high cost of eco-friendly hosts in general, Hostpapa’s services are inexpensive. Besides, the discounts they are offering on all their plans are quite impressive. However, it is important to look into each plan carefully, so that you could pick the one that meets your needs. For example, do not go for the Starter plan if you seek unlimited websites and disk space; however it might suit you financially, its hosting service is limited to two websites and 100 GB disk space.

8 30-day money-back guarantee

To release any stress you could feel thinking that you might not have picked the right web hosting service, Hostpapa offers their new users 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, notify the company within the period.  The full refund applies to two services: shared as well as reseller web hosting; it does not include setup fees, applicable domain registration, or transfer costs.

9 Security protection

The web hosting service provider offers all its users security tools such as a server firewall, automatic malware removal, Panda Cloud anti-spam, regular attack monitoring. More security enhancements are available in the Business Pro plan, including a free SSL certificate to keep their data and website visitor secured from hackers.

unnamed Why Is Hostpapa Suitable for Your Small Business? .. [Detailed Review]

unnamed-3 Why Is Hostpapa Suitable for Your Small Business? .. [Detailed Review]

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1 No automated backups for the Starter and Business

Automated backups are not available for free in the Starter and Business plans. Some other companies provide automatic backup to some extent for free.

2 Longer money-back guarantees exist

However Hostpapa’s 30-day money back guarantee is an advantage of the service, other companies provide more extended money-back periods that reach 45 days, and sometimes even 90 days.

3 The website builder is not free completely

The website builder provides quite helpful features for free; however, further services such as the Facebook page creator demands a paid registration.

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Choosing a web host for your website/s should be a thoughtful decision, not a random one. Go for promising, well-reputable web hosts such as Hostpapa; be patient and conduct careful research on the web host company you plan to deal with. Plus, it is also essential to identify your needs clearly to be able to pick up the right plan for you.

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