Why First-class Flights are Good for You!

Are you a busy person who can’t be late on the plane? Does limited space or screaming kids bother you? Do you want to be the first person to board and depart? Time is money and if the money is well spent to save you time, can such an investment count as a loss?

Traveling feels much better when your experience on board meets the four-star hotel standards. Flying in the first class is like a whole new world. You gain access to the bar, your lay-flat seat is hundreds time more flexible than your working schedule, the lounge is spacious, nutrient and delicious meals. Want anything else? Then the crème de la crème of the cabin crew will do their best to meet your needs. With such commodities around, the economy class will be your nightmare.

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It goes without saying that the price is sky high, but when you need urgent business deals to go smoothly, the first class flight is a must. And here is why:

New acquaintances

High price per ticket is a good filter drop people unrelated to business. Think of the opportunities. With all the commodities on board and so many time you will have to spend during the flight with your potential traveling neighbor, it is no brainer you shall have a conversation and it will be about business. Because people don’t fly first class to think of anything other than business. Whether it is a two-hour or an eight-hour flight, they will be thinking (or speaking) about business. In short, you can pass the time chatting about business trends, management or anything else and find new partners. Then, who knows what how new acquaintances can affect your enterprise in the future? Perhaps the fellow passenger sitting next to you is going to attend the same conference as you!

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Time is money

Your first-class boarding pass allows you to come late and board faster. Once you arrive, you can depart faster than other passengers and your luggage leaves the place first as well with no additional payments required. Thus, you can plan your schedule more accurately and avoid stressful situations.

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Stress-free experience

Many people are afraid of flights. No shame in that. Not only do you have an opportunity to fly in the safest part of the plane, you also gain additional legroom, top-notch amenities, an experience without crying kids, etc. Basically, you are provided with everything to either work in a calm environment (no one wants to lose a working day) or relax in anticipation of a long journey.

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Miles/points accumulation

Find first class airfares on and you don’t need to worry about accumulating miles anymore, which are slow to collect anyway. With business- or first-class flights, as soon as you reach your higher status, you can forget about getting bonuses from miles. By the time an average passenger reaches 100,000 miles bar, you can already get your platinum status. It worth mentioning that the trend of providing more amenities to the first-class customers and adding more drawbacks to economy class passengers is wide-spread among the companies.

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