Why Creed Perfume is The Most Attractive?

creed perfume is one of the softest and attractive perfumes, it is a mixture of lemon, pink pepper and sedar wood. it is scent changes every 10 minutes , there are so many kinds of that perfume such as new royal-oud for men and woman, it is one of the softest perfumes of oud it has a different charm. After a while the scent of oud changes into the attractive musk perfume with the sandal woods, and cinnamon.

Aventus by creed has appeared in 2010 with fruit classic touches, this perfume has been inspired from the great personality of the military emperor Napoleon,  Aventus means the successful character referring to Napoleon’s personal leadership. The perfume contains a mixture of fruits, Pineapple, apple, peach and grape, it also contains musk , amber and birch wood and vanilla. It is a modern perfume with a good degree of stability, try it by yourself if you are one of the gorgeous creed perfume.

Bois du Portugal is one of the best perfumes of creed for men  it contains the most important wonderful masculine fragrance wood, oregano, and lavendar. It is very distinguished for the lovers of creed perfume.

There is another magnificent kind, The Imperial Millesime for men, it contains woods, flowers, and musk scent. It is very elegant and brilliant which suits all ages. It is a mixture of lemon and mandarin, and the temptress iris flowers, it is very elegant and precious for creed perfume lovers.

The Silver Mountain Water perfume is one of the high quality perfumes of creed for men which is characterized by its elegance and charm. It is very expensive for its precious components, this perfume is inspired from the strength of the charming french mountains. The violet flowers and the tea perfume add a fantastic touch to this perfume, it is very suitable for summer and for those who like fresh modern perfumes.

Green Irish Tweed by creed, its one of the most famous men perfumes that came out in 1995. It is  a mixture of flowers, woods, and musk, as well as sweet lemon and iris flowers. It is very beautiful perfume and attractive, most of high class men use it for its great value and quality. It is price at the international market is about 110 to 200 dollars according to its size.



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