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White & Yellow Gold, Which One Is the Best?

We know that gold is available in different colors as there is yellow gold, white gold, rose or pink gold and there are also other colors but these three colors are the most common and are sought after by most of the women who like wearing gold jewelry. The color of gold is determined by the kind of metals that are mixed with pure gold. Choosing the best kind of gold for you depends on many factors such as the color of the clothes that you have in your wardrobe, your taste and the colors that you prefer and what is more important than all of that is the skin problems that you have and whether you have allergy to specific type of metals or not. So, before deciding the best kind of gold for you, you have to take these points into consideration.

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♦ Different mixtures of metals: First of all, you have to know that there is not a piece of gold, even yellow gold, which is completely made of pure gold and this is because pure gold is soft. So, it is necessary to mix pure gold with other metals to increase its strength and make it more durable. The mixture of alloys differs from one kind of gold to another and this is also the main reason that gives us different colors of gold. Yellow gold is made through mixing pure gold with other metals including copper and zinc, while white gold is made through mixing pure gold with alloys of silver, palladium, titanium and other white metals that can turn gold into the white or silver color.

♦ Different prices: White gold is more desirable than yellow gold although the metals that it contains such as platinum, palladium and titanium can increase its price and make it more expensive than yellow gold.


♦ Complementing diamond stones: White gold is better than yellow gold when it comes to diamonds. White gold increases the beauty of diamond stones regardless of their colors, while yellow gold cannot match all diamonds in different colors as it needs specific colors that can be paired with its yellow tone.

♦ The required maintenance: White gold contains different metals such as rhodium that is added to make the white gold jewelry shiny and more durable but such metal does not last forever and it wears off. For this reason, you will need to re-plate your white gold jewelry when it is required and this will cost you more money unlike yellow gold jewelry that does not need to be re-plated.


♦ Scratch resistant: White gold is scratch resistant because it is plated with rhodium which is hard unlike yellow gold that can be easily scratched and needs to be polished.

♦ Allergy to specific metals: White gold is more likely to cause allergy than yellow gold and this is because white gold may contain nickel that is known to cause allergy.


♦ Different skin tones: White gold is suitable for those people with cool skin tones while yellow gold is more appropriate for other people with warm skin tones.

♦ The same carats: 14 Carat white gold jewelry and 14 Carat yellow gold jewelry have the same amount of pure gold.


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