White Hair: Why My Graying Hair Growing?

The graying of hair caused by several factors. Here are The Major reasons why you have more and more white hair.

White Hair: Just an optical illusion …

The phenomenon is rather confusing: if the gray hair -on exist can all check around ourselves, it is impossible to find any gray hair. Because the gray hair does not exist. But gray hair, though! What to tear! The beautiful hair pepper and salt are actually an optical illusion.

They result from a mixture of white hair and colored hair. In a logical way, the hair looks grayer as and as the percentage of white hair increases. The bleaching of the hair called canities. It is a complex phenomenon whose first explanation is simple: when a hair is not pigmented in its design, it grows white.

White Hair: More Follows

Yes, but why is it not pigmented? Hair color depends on the melanin. At the root of the hair, there are melanin factories, cells called melanocytes that distribute melanin in the form of small grains. When these factories are no longer in working condition, the hair grows white: the cellular space freed melanin grains occupied by air bubbles that give the appearance of gray hair. In any case, facing this inevitable, there is no two solutions. If you only have two or three white hair removed with tweezers. Remember the saying that for a white hair ripped seven repel. However, once it started the bleaching process, nothing can stop it.

White Hair: You have white hair because your parents have turned gray prematurely

Gray hair is already in your genes, in a new study published. it was possible to isolate a genetic variant that’s related to graying. Like baldness genes of white hair come from both sides of the family, says the dermatologists.

White Hair: Your white hair could be symptomatic of an autoimmune disease

An autoimmune skin disease, alopecia areata, can lead to a proliferation of white hair. According to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF), people with this condition appear to see their skull small smooth and round plates and they can become completely bald head and body. “The reason is that the immune system attacks the follicles of your hair and your hair, When they return, they grow all white. recent study demonstrates that 6.7 million Americans suffer or will suffer from this disease. If you notice that you are losing too much hair or learn bald patches, consult a dermatologist.

White Hair: Your environment polluted

Pollutants can cause premature graying, according to data from the Library of Congress. Studies suggest that chemicals generate free radicals – or oxidative stress – that hinder melatonin production and accelerate aging of the hair system. As soon as the hair and hair out of the follicle, they die,  “What happens to the follicle will have the greatest impact, environmental factors, of course, important, but there are other factors, such as stress, that truly affect the appearance of white hair.

White Hair: Stress may the cause of your white hair

President Obama entered the White House with black hair. Five years later, people worried: he was completely gray. However, the link between stress and graying is the subject of much debate. there is no doubt that stress stimulates the genetic makeup. This means that if you are not scheduled to go gray prematurely, stress will not change your hair color. But if early graying is in your genes, then the stress will make you blanch faster and earlier – unless you make an effort to manage your stress. Remember to include in your daily anti-stress strategies!

White Hair: Your white hair stem from cigarette smoke exposure

The cigarette smoke exposure can alter the color of your hair, no matter whether you or someone in your house who addicted to smoking. Research published in 2013 indicates that smokers are 2.5 times more likely to go gray prematurely – probably because of astronomical amounts of free radicals produced by burning tobacco. Gray hair is not as one more reason to crush!

White Hair: Hormones are changing the texture, density, but also the color of your hair

A simple glance at a picture of you dating a decade you will face this fact: your hair is not the same. Because hormones, your hair can, over time, change the texture, density, and color. which there are women in their fifties in full menopause who do not have any gray hair. It is assumed the conjunction of three factors: genetic, environmental and hormonal changes. Experts are still trying to understand how hormones (estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, etc.) influence the graying.

White Hair: Melanin production decreases with time

You’re probably not ready to turn gray, but your hair is. Melanin production – that gives your hair its pigment – decreases with age. After the thirties, each decade increases your chances of graying 10 to 20%, according to data from the Library of Congress, the US National Library. Although some of us keep longer their natural color, there is something inevitable: sooner or later, your hair will turn white.

White Hair: Coloring, no mistake tone!

While men take to better their gray hair women’s side, it is not won. Whatever our age, we associate with aging. For proof, not less than 63% of women color their hair in Europe! But how to choose the right product? Everything depends on the percentage of white hair you have on your head!

The semi-permanent. Those who only have a few white hairs (20%) can use the ephemeral color products, which disappear after a dozen washings. They color the hair surface and are without peroxide. These are shampoos containing coloring pigments that do not involve changes of hair.

White Hair: Discussions

The tone on tone. Those who have not more than 30 to 40% of white hair can use deep colors which respect the natural color. They fade in 15 shampoos or 6 to 8 weeks. These products do not contain ammonia. They are close to natural tones and cover gray hair in transparency. Again, it is a natural pigments.

Permanent. This technique is for those who have at least 50% intruder’s hair. The coverage will be 100%. These products contain an oxidant to more or less high doses. Natural pigments are removed and thoroughly hair is re-colors.

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Prefer structured cuts. Gray hair is harder, thicker and less malleable, we must discipline them. And if your hair texture does not allow it, avoid wearing long unless you give in the bohemian style. Instead, adopt a short, square or structured mid-lengths that accentuate personality.

Protect your fiber. Like skin, hair becomes more demanding over time: less dense, duller, drier, they are renewed more slowly and are less resistant. Once a week, apply an anti-aging highly concentrated in nutrients and regenerating mask to smooth the hair fibers rough to the touch and sheathed in a protective film that will isolate them from external aggressions.

Avoid yellowing. The white hair tends to turn yellow or fail to shine. Keratin filaments that constitute the less provided, so they become porous and capture the ambient particles (pollution, tobacco …). This phenomenon is accentuated under the effect of heat, the sun, sea water or pool. To counter it, use special shampoos that neutralize the yellow.

Play the highlights. For perfectionists, use a color tone on tone suited to gray hair that will bring beautiful crystal or pearl reflections to your hair.

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