Do White Alligators Really Exist on Earth?

There are many creatures that do not exist in large numbers and are difficult to be seen on earth whether it is in the wild or in captivity and this is why these creatures are described as rare creatures. But when you find that there are animals which do not exist at all in the wild and are just found in captivity to be protected from being extinct and to allow people from around the world to see them, then you can describe these animals or creatures as extremely rare creatures. “White alligators” are among the extremely rare animals that can be found on earth. The number of white alligators is estimated to be approximately 12 alligators in the whole world and none of them can be seen in the wild. White alligators are kept in captivity to allow people to see them and to protect them from being killed by hunters. Are you curious about these white alligators? Let’s discover more about them through reading what is written here.


♦ What are the characteristics of white alligators?


There are two kinds of white alligators; one of them is called albino alligators, while the other one is called leucistic alligators. Most of the white alligators especially the leucistic alligators are very gorgeous since they are completely white and have blue eyes. The weight of white alligators is estimated to be approximately 500 pounds. All the white alligators do not have the ability to live in the wild and this is why it is impossible to find a white alligator living there. White alligators can stay alive in captivity only away from the direct sunlight and predators especially the human ones that are usually found in the wild.

♦ Where can we see the white alligators?


There are white alligators that were found in 1987 in the swamps of Louisiana and were taken after that to be kept in the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas that is located in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States. There are also other four white alligators that you can see at the Gatorland theme park which is located in Florida. The four white alligators at the Gatorland theme park are leucistic alligators which are large in their size.

♦ What do the white alligators eat?

White american alligator copy
SCAquarium Albino gator

White alligators do not differ from the normal and common alligators that we usually see in the wild, zoos and parks concerning what they eat. White alligators eat small mammals, turtles, birds, fish, deer and other reptiles. White alligators need to get Vitamin D and this is why they are fed chicken, red meat, fish and sometimes they are given vitamin supplements to satisfy the needs of their bodies.

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