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2018 Trending: 20 Bedroom Designs to Watch for in 2018

Do you know that revamping your house every once in a while is required for your mental health? That may sound a little odd, but it is true; the design of your house play part in changing your mood. Besides, your house is your comfort zone because it is the only place where you get the chance to leave your responsibilities and duties at the threshold of your door, and take some time to rest and relax, shutting the noises of the world out. However, some people are satisfied with just leaving their house just the way it is without changing anything. That may vary from one person to another, but no matter how people may perceive this matter differently, you usually can’t help but fall in love with all the newly launched designs.

Even if you are not the type of the person who loves changing their houses’ decoration, your bedroom can be excluded from that equation, especially because it is where you can put your exhausted body at rest or enjoy reading your favorite book on your bed without being interrupted, so it has to be greatly taken care of in order to keep yourself away from falling victim for temporary depression due to your boring environment. That does not mean that you should ignore the rest of your house; above and beyond, your preferred decorations and the way you choose to design your place can reveal a lot about your personality, thoughts, and emotions. Also, getting your home to stay trendy and updated can make you receive a lot of compliments from whoever visits your place and that will definitely boost your mood and elevate your energy level. Everybody surely likes having a place that they dearly love, so they do not find themselves staying outdoors longer that they stay at their own place, so save yourself that trouble by taking care of your home and keeping it trendy. Check out these latest home design trends.

20 Hanging Pendants

Table lamps may be essential for those who love reading before bedtime, but even if you are not a reader, having a dim light in your bedroom is important for creating a relaxing mood. However, you do not have to stick to the norm anymore. If you are up to adding some changes to your bedroom, ditch the table lamps and consider hanging pendant lights near your bed instead. That way, you will give your room a quick trendy revamp and save your nightstand for something else.

19 Go Green

Nature’s color has been making a great appearance among all the trendy designs of home. So, giving your bedroom a nice touch of nature is always a great idea. Not only because it is trendy, but also because it creates a relaxing atmosphere to your room.

18 Romantic Vibes

According to interior designers, there are colors that are deemed to be romantic; these ones have become the new trend in designing bedrooms exceptionally. These colors include raspberry pink, deep ruby red, and caramel; mostly, they are colors that create Valentine’s atmosphere in your room.

17 A Tropical Sense

Prints that feature tropical leaves have become a thing for this year. They add a wonderful jungle touch to your room, creating an illusion of a beautiful forest within the four walls of your bedroom. Above and beyond, these prints are available in several shapes and patterns, giving you the opportunity to choose the one that works perfectly for your place.

16 Human docking stations

Thanks to the availability of Wi-Fi, you no longer need a home office because you can work anywhere inside your home. For that very reason, interior designers believe that docking stations are what bedrooms need, or anywhere in your house. So, you are able to store your files and printers. Docking Stations have become so trendy and one of the best designs for a nice cozy room.

15 The Power of Navy Blue

Navy blue has successfully made its way to the top trendiest home designs for 2017. It has become popular in no time since it has been competing with the popularity of black and, gladly, it adds the same elegant and sophistication that the black color adds. Besides, it has been proven to be a great team member since it can greatly partner up with almost any color and still add intricacy to your room.

14 The Classicality of Black and White

Without any doubt, black and white have always been the perfect blend between contrasting colors since the beginning of time. As luck would have it, there is good news for classic lovers who still love to cope with the existing trends; black and white is one of the hottest trends that came out this year. So, enjoy a sense of classicality without feeling that you are way behind the trending designs.

13 Peculiar Lighting

Going bizarre is not surprising anymore; in fact, it has become one of the best techniques to get along with the trending stuff in all aspects and, gladly, interior design was not excluded. Installing peculiar lighting in one of your house’s rooms has become an embraced trend in 2017. Moreover, it is deemed to be the quickest way to revamp your room without having to undergo drastic changes. Accordingly, feel free to go ahead and enjoy installing some few and far between lighting systems around your place to effortlessly make it look trendy.

12 An Overall Surrealism

You do not have to go bizarre only with your lighting system; you can actually do the same with your whole bedroom by adding an overgenerous blend between different patterns, unusual materials as well as out of the norm pieces of furniture. The surreal themes are making a comeback this year, so go ahead and create your room in the most alienated way ever without feeling weird.

11 White Has Different Shades Too

Let us take a moment to let the shades rest on one of the most angelic colors out there. It is definitely hard to guess that wrong, so we believe that you got what exactly we are talking about; it is white. This color can give your room an energetic brush; however, what has become really trendy is mixing this angelic color with off-white or beige. Your room will seem very invigorating with this fine mixture.

10 A Careful Mess

Well, leaving your home messy is not going to give your place a pleasing view; however, a seems like mess theme has become a trend in the world of interior design. It makes your room look like it is messy, but it is actually messed up carefully. This design can be easily created by hectically stacking up some stuff together but in the tidiest way ever. Sounds confusing, yet looks amazing. An application for this style is boho bedrooms.

9 A Mixture of Different Patterns

Letting your interior design be dominated by patterns is always a great way to decorate your place. On the other hand, this year, the trend is not about adding patterns to your room, but it is about mixing a lot of them together, creating a nice scheme in your room and making it feel energetic.

8 Golden Nightstands

All nightstands may serve the same purpose; using them for placing things near your bed; however, golden nightstands have become all the rage because they give you the same purpose that regular ones do and it also adds to your room’s view a luxurious touch.

7 Geometry is Taking Over

Geometry has always deemed to be one of the most annoying subjects in school, but that is not applied to their addition to interior design. Geometric shapes have become so trendy lately, soaking your room in a lot of triangles and circles, giving it a unique design.

6 Clean Mid-Century Design

Since the 60s and the 70s have witnessed a turning point in the world of interior design, they are making a comeback this year, but a lot modified this time. Being mixed with different shades of white will give your room an attractive modernized enhancement.

5 Different Shades of Gray

Yes, shades of gray have become popular in several industries other than movies, but also in interior designs world. Gray is one of the most special colors since it provides a full scale of different colors starting from the bright ones, close to white, and ending at the other end of the spectrum that features dark shades close to the black. Mixing several shades of this color within your bedroom will effortlessly add a deluxe touch.

4 Concrete Walls

Since contrasting between two opposite things had become a trend, concrete walls have been able to make it to the world of the trendiest designs. Mixing modern furniture with rough concrete walls can make your bedroom look irresistibly incomparable.

3 Industrial Bedroom Design

Industrial bedroom design has become a real trend this year, exhibiting heavy brown tones with tiled walls as well as metallic furniture is the real definition of being trendy this year. Honestly, it looks compellingly stunning as well.

2 A Modern Take on 70s Wallpaper

Stuff from the 70s is apparently making a great comeback this year, but with a bit of modernization being added. Take those wallpapers that feature acid patterns and start combining them with wooden surroundings and see the impact it will have on your room.

1 Colorful Art Over White

This trend may have been around for a long time; however, it still managed to remain on the top of the list of the trendiest bedroom designs out there. They can be easily added to your room; all you will ever need is mixing different white tones with some colorful art and there you go.

As we previously stated; the interior design of your place can say a lot about personality. Now that you have known the top 20 trends of bedroom designs out there, it is time to pick up the ones that seem like the closest revelation to your unique personality.