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2018 Trending: 15 Garden Designs to Watch for in 2018

Unfortunately, a lot of people mistakenly believe that gardening is just a hobby that not everyone is blessed with, but the truth is; gardening is a form of art that not everyone is interested in. The fans of this art are quite rare, but, as luck would have it, interior designers have never excluded this special art from their designs; they know how gardens can drastically change the way your outdoor part looks which, as a consequence, can make you feel positive about your own place. Since the warm seasons are already around the corner, it is time for you to take off your garden and rev up its appearance. However, before you start turning over and preparing your tools to style your garden, you may need to know what has been trending in the world of gardening designs, so you can get some inspiration from them.The way that interior designers treat gardens will make you believe that it is not just a garden, but it can actually be anything varying from a place to grow your own vegetables to an outdoor

The way interior designers treat gardens will make you believe that it is not just a garden, but it can actually be anything varying from a place to grow your own vegetables to an outdoor diner where you get to enjoy having meals in an alfresco but within the comfort zone of your own home. Besides, it has been proven that spending sometimes outdoors can bring about different benefits for your mental health as well as your body, especially if you have had a long exhausting day at work and need somewhere to retreat to and relax your body. No matter what your personal taste is, you will definitely be able to find a gardening design that suits you. You can choose to either hire a landscape architect or just do the job yourself. So, now that you are ready to provide your garden with the best tools and designs ever, check out the following garden designs and get inspiration from them then choose the one suitable for your place and taste.

15 Swedish Coolness

When it comes to the Swedish taste, the interior trends that are provided for us are both the Hygge and Lagom. They both are all about the life in the outdoors and they can vary from having fire all-time lows along with warm blankets all the way to the simple well-trimmed gardens. So, you will definitely find something in the Swedish corner that works perfectly for your taste; besides, you will keep your place updated and trendy.

14 Color Hit

When you think of a garden, you may find yourself imagining an all-green area surrounded by fences that are painted with wooden glasses, but you do not have to stick to those traditional trends anymore. You can provide your garden with a nice colored block that will create the view of a room, except that it is very colorful and located outside your house.

13 Native Plants

For all the environmentalists out there, we have got a great news for you; native plants are becoming a thing more and more with time. Yes, this means that you can enjoy having a naturally beautiful garden as well as avoid causing any disorder to the ecosystem, especially by using automatic garden sprinkler systems for watering, see more

12 Floating Seats

You may have considered having seats in your garden in order to enjoy some relaxing time outdoors; however, if the seats you own are all upright chairs, then maybe it is time for you to ditch them altogether and consider the new trends. Floating seats have become popular lately; not only that they make your garden look so much better, but also they provide great comfort and coziness.

11 A Lovely Soft Lighting Effect

Adding lightings to your garden has been around for quite some time, but, gladly, it is getting better and more affordable, not to mention that they look so much more fun as well. A lot of lighting methods are out there now in a wide range, allowing you to freely choose whatever suits you. You can look for solar—powered lights or rechargeable ones to save the effort of changing them every once in a while. On the other hand, you have other choices that are called the fairy lights; some are designed to change colors and others have nice shapes varying from stars and lanterns to snowflakes.

10 Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style has been trending in the world of interior design lately; however, it has successfully made its way to the outdoor designs as well. You just need to decorate your outdoor environment in light tones of colors where the white is the most dominant color. This can include white paints on the decking or the fences. The rest of the design is totally up to you, but do not stray away from the Nordic style, so try adding some candles and fake fur rugs.

9 Floratourism and Millennial Gardening

Luckily, spending some time outdoors is not only popular among older people, but actually, younger ones who seek some unplugging from the virtual worlds have taken gardens as a method to connect with nature and ditch the digital world for a while. For that very reason, interior designers are expecting that people with digital-driven lives will embrace gardens more and more this year, creating botanical gardens and rustic ranches as a non-digital haven from their fast-paced lives.

8 Statement Plants

Plants are beautiful in all their forms; however, a lot of small plants may require some effort for maintenance. For that, statement plants have become trendy, for they introduce a variety of functions and require much less effort, not to mention that they beautify your garden as well.

7 Color Chameleon Plants

Chameleons may not seem attractive for everyone, but that does not change the fact that their constant changing of colors makes them interesting, right? Lately, the color chameleon plants have made a great appearance in the world of gardens; they change their colors according to the temperature ranging from green till purple and orange.

6 Lawn Reimagined

This may be the dream of everyone out there; a lawn that you no longer need to mow. It does not actually mean that traditional lawns are going to end anytime soon, but people will definitely opt for smaller lawns and ones that are neatly trimmed and shaped with the least effort.

5 Natural Dye Gardens

Edible gardens have been going strong for quite some time now, but the newest editions of gardens now include the natural dye gardens; producing plants that are used for making natural dyes for coloring different stuff and materials. These gardens are trending for being really beautiful; besides, they may include a lot of vegetables, fruit trees, and pollinator-attracting flowers.

4 Old and New Mashup

Mixing between the old and new designs has become a trend although people were not used to mixing between two different styles, especially opposing ones; modern and traditional. Gladly, this mashup has become acceptable. It is not actually about what styles you choose to mix together, it is more about how you will blend two different styles in the most captivating way. This actually depends on the taste and preferences of each person; you can have a traditional garden, but choose to add modern elements to it or the other way around. The old and new mashup needs to be thoughtfully planned in order to create a strong contrast.

3 Active Play Spaces

Well, all of us still have a child inside, but not everybody chooses to let it out. If you are one of those who loves setting their inner child free, you will definitely fall in love with this garden style, for it paves the way for adult fun to take place. Creating a space in the yard where you can play with your kids and pets is always a great idea that every single person in your household will benefit from.

2 Dwarf Shrubs

Houses are getting larger and larger with time and, as a result, the yards have become much smaller compared with those new large sizes, shrinking the spaces where you can add nice and beautiful plants, especially that people have become fonder of gardens that do not require a great efforts or maintenance. As a result, a new style was introduced and it is using evergreen dwarf shrubs in your garden. That way, your garden will not be longing for your constant attention or high maintenance. On the other hand, the shrubs are known as dwarf shrubs because they are small and a perfect fit for small gardens as well.

1 Haute Houseplants

It seems like the 1970s-style of houseplants is making a great comeback. People are becoming fond of pot plants that can be used as home accessories and easily added to the overall design of the furniture. It is said that this trend has been introduced to the world of garden designs by young gardeners, believing that it is the perfect way to bring nature within the four walls of your house as much as you bring it to your backyard. This style can be easily adopted by anyone, for you will effortlessly have a room full of potted greenery, a hanging Koke dama, a Xerographica air plant, or a terrarium. They are all new and advanced methods that are used to green your homes and workplaces up. Besides, this method is a new way that states that plants and greenery areas should not be limited to the outdoor zones; on the contrary, they can be added anywhere and still provide the same attractiveness that gardens are capable of providing.

It is time for you to revamp your backyard and create a nice outdoor haven for yourself where you can retreat to after a long tiring day or even for just relaxing, having fun, and spending some quality time with your loved ones. Pick up your style now.