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What’s New in IT Asset Management?

If you are thinking of upgrading your IT systems, it is always worth checking out some of the latest innovations and software to hit the market. You never know when a new program is going to completely change the way we handle important business functions like Asset Management. Here are three of the latest things happening in the world of Asset Management.

1 Front Office Outsourcing

In previous years, outsourcing has frequently been used for the more time-consuming back-office processes. This is beginning to change, and we are seeing more and more front office jobs being outsourced to other companies. This is due to a massive shift in the way we analyze and share data. The online world is becoming more open than ever, and a lot of people have access to tools used to process data. Therefore, if you need a report detailing some aspect of your asset management, you can now leave it to an outsourced data scientist instead of having it handled internally. This trend of outsourcing in all areas of the business will allow concentration to be focused on the aspects of the business which need it the most.

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2 Cloud Support

One of the biggest changes to the digital world we have seen has been the introduction of cloud technologies. Thanks to this innovation, we can now access data from any time and any place. This has allowed companies across the world to set up their cloud systems to attempt to achieve this level of accessibility. Searching for a software which offers this sort of at-home access, like SysAid’s IT asset management, will be crucial.

We can expect this trend to continue as years progress. Correctly handling asset management is one of the keystones of a business, and it needs to constantly be kept for the purposes of efficiency. By 2020, it is expected that many corporations will have a chief digital officer amongst their executive staff. This employee will be responsible for all areas of digital growth, and IT asset management will definitely fall into this bracket.

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3 Market Changes

One of the biggest uses of IT asset management is in tracking the way the market changes. Over the past few years, we have noticed a decrease in margins thanks to higher fees from fund managers and regulators alike. Simultaneously, it has been estimated by PwC that 21% of funds will be passive come 2020 with this rising to 25% in 2025. This means that the safe middle ground that has been enjoyed in previous years is going to vanish and strategies will need to shift.

While firms have previously enjoyed a management mindset, they may want to shift towards one focused around ownership. This change might be what is needed to help guide through some of the more difficult approaching times.

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IT Asset Management has shifted a lot over the past few years. If you are looking to keep up with these shifts in the market, you should have a look for a software which will adapt alongside any changes you may encounter.

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