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What Web Hosting Includes Design and How Much Does It Cost?


I want to begin a small company web site. I’ll need assistance in creating the website and website hosting. I need explanation about what web hosting includes and how much I have to purchase for website hosting?



The web site hosting in its easiest form is where the internet (world wide web) knows what to do to show your site when clients types your domain name inside a browser.

The price of Website hosting varies depending on how much disc space you’ll need and the amount of bandwidth your website uses from the quantity of traffic you anticipate your site can get from the potential clients. Normally a small medium company would pay around 20 to 40 dollars monthly.

I personally use Homestead company which is a website system that allows you to create a website in a couple of minutes and you will choose the website style, the color scheme and the images and you will edit your site pages and images rapidly and simply, just point, click and edit Also it includes site hosting.

This technique also includes a built-in Content management systems, built-in eCommerce with 29 supported payment gateways, a built-in CRM, built-in eMarketing and a built-in Search engine optimization. You may also have inquiries e-mailed for you and delivered to you by SMS for fast customer support.

First you will have to purchase a domain name. You will find 1000’s of online businesses that sell domains for around $10 each. When you get your domain name get your free 30-day trial homestead account without any obligations, no contracts or cost.

After building your site you simply log to your domain name account and also you re-direct the DNS configurations to point at your new site, You’ll then have your personal business domain name and professional site.

Try Homestead 30 Days Risk FREE!

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