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20+ Stylish Teenages Job Interview outfits Design Ideas in 2018

All throughout the middle and the high school years, most of the teenagers are always seeking different ways of having ultimate fun, trying new stuff and being extremely curious to lay their hands on whatever life has to offer.

And by trying new stuff, it could mean two different things; some are only after enjoying their time and creating memories, and others are up to try new experiences that are a bit mature than the other usual activities, which is having a job. Having a job as a teenager is an amazing way to gain the experience and knowledge of how it feels to have a job and be financially independent. It does not matter what the reasons you are seeking a job are; whether you need money, experience or only killing time, in all these cases, it is a great experience to go through. But there are few things that you need to know in order to guarantee having the job, and we are not going to mention stuff like chewing a gum, eating or drinking during an interview, for supposedly, you should be knowing all of these on your own, but instead, we are going to help you find the right attire to go to an interview with and impress the recruiter. Since you are a teenager, you are not actually required to look professional, but at least you should be well dressed because interviews outfits are not actually the same you wear while going to a party or shopping with your buddies. Following are some tips regarding what you should and should not wear for a job interview.

1  Not too casual

In job interviews, the first impression always matters, though as a teen you do not really have to wear formal attire or a strictly professional-looking outfit. However your personality and skills are what matter the most when it comes to getting hired, but still, your outfit can make you stand out among all the other candidates because it might make mature enough, giving the recruiter that impression of being serious about getting a job. So, let us be clearer, you should not wear an outfit that you would normally wear when going to school or to the mall, for it will look too casual and immature, but instead wear something as simple as a plain polo shirt along with denim pants; it works for both guys and girls.

2  Dresses work perfect 

For all the teenage girls out there who are seeking a job, dresses or skirts along with a plain blouse or shirt are actually great choices and they will make you look professional. However, make sure the length of your skirt or dress is not above your knees, and try to avoid showing too much cleavage. To make a long story short, the less revealing your clothes are, the better chances you are at for getting the job, for you do not want to give them the impression of being a spoiled girl, or one who seeks attention through flashing parts of her body.

3  Ties never go wrong 

For all the young gentlemen out there who are hunting a job, it is always a good idea to wear a tie along with your simple outfits, like a shirt and a simple pair of pants. We are not saying that wearing a tie to the interview is essential, but we are only emphasizing that it always makes you look mature and well dressed, even if you think that this way you might be overdressed, remember that being overdressed is always better than being underdressed; at least, it shows that you made a great effort to look the best that you can.

4  Colors are important too 

Even though you may have chosen the perfect attire for your job interview, you may fall into that trap of wearing that loud colors that might make you look ridiculous. For example, if a girl ever shows up for an interview wearing a pink blouse over a pink skirt along with pink shoes and a pink purse, that is a big no because you are not Barbie, and you do not actually have to be. The same goes for guys who might wear a lot of extreme colors. Instead, make sure the colors of your outfit are contrasted and simple.

5  The simpler the makeup is, the better you are going to look 

Too much makeup or extreme ones are always a great turn off, and they actually give a bad impression. Do not wear too much colorful eye shadow, or apply extreme lipstick colors like black or maroon, and so look like those teens who are obsessed with the punk rock music, and no judgments, but their looks are way too far from being professional. We are not saying that you should skip wearing makeup altogether; only that you should wear it simple and pretty.

6  Avoid too much of anything 

You should not only avoid wearing too much makeup, but it is always better if you avoid wearing too many accessories as well; you do not need to have multiples necklaces covering your neck, or a lot of accessories, especially those that produces annoying sounds. And avoid extreme hairstyles or colors tool; keep your hair looking simple and neatly brushed. And if you have any extreme tattoos over your body, it is recommended that you hide them as much as possible. And yes, there is one more thing that you might avoid wearing too much of it; perfume. Although perfumes are amazingly scented, but still, too much of them might cause either distraction or annoyance to your employer, which is definitely not what you are wishing for.

7  Wear nice and professional looking shoes 

Although sneakers might be, or actually are, the most comfortable shoes out there, and they surely are most of the teenagers’ favorite ones, but it is preferable if you wear a more mature-looking and a professional pair of shoes instead. And always remember; keep your shoes clean and polished.

So here is the bottom line; try to look as simple and mature as much as you can, act confidently and you are surely going to kill that interview. And, good luck with getting the job that you wish for.