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What is the Perfect Dog for Small Living Spaces?

Most dog breeds adapt easily to any environment with enough exercise. Sometimes it would be nice to get home to find a dog which isn’t overactive, jumps and wants to play. Dog toys often keep a dog stress-free, but the truth is, some breeds do better at apartment living than others. Florida Puppies has some tips on America’s more popular breeds when it’s time to find one fitting an apartment lifestyle.

1 English Bulldog

When it comes to apartment living, this short and compact breed may be perfect. On the outside, they look all business but are really just sappy babies who want to curl up with you on the sofa. They get hot and tired easily, and actually, prefer inside living. Having a short-haired coat, grooming is almost unneeded.

2 Shih Tzu

Don’t be misled by their “yappy dog” reputation. The breed is friendly and makes the ideal pet with proper training. Small and not fond of the outdoors, they are content with wandering after you. Their long hair means they shed a lot and require daily brushing.

3 Chow Chow

Best known for its blue/black tongue, they spend their days on your sofa. Lazy and heat sensitive, they prefer to be inside. With an aloof nature, they come across as cat-like for some owners. If your apartment is up to the animal’s 70-pound stature, then it is the ideal cuddle mate.

4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Happy and intelligent, this breed gets along with everyone — even that annoying, crazy lady down the hall. The breed is naturally quiet but can be prone to yapping if not trained. With a low energy level, the dog requires only brief playful romps around the living room before collapsing.

5 Basset Hound

This breed is only lazy when inside. When outside, the Basset will run and sniff for hours. The dog was bred to hunt and needs to be given time for their primal instinct. As long as they get a daily walk, they stay quiet and calm indoors.

6 Pug

Always hilarious, the dog doesn’t need a lot of action to have fun. Happiest when playing inside, Pugs are sensitive to extreme temperatures and given to breathing issues. As they are prone to overeat, they get fat, and getting a Pug to lose weight is as difficult as getting the landlord to paint the apartment.

7 Miniature Pinscher

Not quite as low energy as others, the Miniature Pinscher’s petite size is ideal for apartment living. This breed is ready for an eight-hour nap after zooming around the living room. Healthy and grooms easily, the Miniature Pinscher is popular with apartment dwellers.

8 Boston Terrier

Very similar to the Bulldog, this is a compact, friendly animal which trains easily. They stay inactive inside and save their energy for their short walks outside. Their small build makes them great for studio apartments.

9 Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff proves that massive dogs can be massively laid-back. Quiet, calm and even lazy by nature, this breed doesn’t want — or care for — much activity. Give them a place to nap, and they are happy. Their sizes make them the perfect guard dog, and all you have to do is convince your landlord to accept a dog weighing in over 100 lbs.

 The Takeaway 

flpuppiesonline.com suggests owners remember that each dog is an individual, and while these breeds possess a genial personality, there are always exceptions. Do the research and select a pet fitting to your lifestyle, personality, and home.