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What is The Best Domain Web Hosting?


I have developed my website . However, I am confused how or what will be the good way of getting a domain name, knowing about website hosting and uploading files so my website could be online.

What will be the secure way to do all that? I was considering using Godaddy.



For each website, you’ll need a couple of things: Domain name and a web hosting service . Godaddy company is a great company – I have personally tried them at many occasions. Plus they are reliable and cheap, with great customer support on the telephone.

What you must do is purchase a domain name from Godaddy, then start adding a website hosting account for that domain name and skip the rest of the advertisements they reveal.

you will be able to upload files using Godaddy’s hosting manager, however I would either use Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

Once you buy both domain name and also the hosting account, you should ask Godaddy and make them walk you through locating the web hosting manager and uploading files. They are doing that free of charge and it’s very useful – I believe the longest I have needed to wait on hold to become assisted is like ten minutes, in most cases it’s a lot more like two or three. you will do that even when you are not using Godaddy’s web hosting manager to upload files. They’ll also help you arrange it in FrontPage or Dreamweaver too.

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