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What is Best Web Hosting Company Allow File Hosting Websites?


I wish to develop a file hosting website, I want a large disk space, and the majority of the unlimited plans doesn’t let me host files hosting website. can there be any others?



your best route is always to host your site on shared hosting plan in the beginning, it’s the least expensive types of website hosting available through most website hosting companies, and are generally the most reliable because they are fully managed, and also have very little down time.

When you discover that your website service is gaining popularity, you will be able to ad advertises into it using Google Adsense or any thing similar to that, that’s how you can start to generate money out of your site visitors. Then you’ll have the ability to manage to buy a dedicated server, and you’ll have to manage it by yourself, but it would be the only option when your file hosting service becomes bigger.

To conclude, begin with a shared web hosting provider. In my opinion Superb hosting company is most suitable for cost , reliability and support. Their plans are unlimited so you’ll always have good server response time.

Then when you get 1000’s of submitted files you will be able to proceed to a dedicated server, and pay for this while using adverts that you’ve added at your website.

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