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What is Best Forum hosting and Software?


I am thinking about establishing my forum website. Which software is the best?

Which companies might be the best for website hosting?




No software, apart from an FTP client, is essential really. The forum software or script is included free with most web hosting companies.

I would suggest you to get to know two programming languages, CSS and XHTML they’re very simple and fast. If you want a visible developing atmosphere, you’d probably want to choose Adobe Dreamweaver or perhaps an emulator of these that found on the internet.

Macromedia Dreamweaver is simple and good. to upload I would recommend Core FTP lite, its simple to use.

First pick the Domain registrar and hosting from Netfirms company after that proceed to upload pages.

For web hosting, I’d suggest you first of all to avoid godaddy.com No Matter What. They’re horribly less than professional, charge you for stuff you don’t really get and they are completely unhelpful whenever you encounter problems. Seek advice from the local ISP. Most of them like Comcast , they give their customers complimentary web space.

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