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What Can You Do to Make Image Hosting Website?


 State the differences between web hosting and Image hosting. And what can I do to make Image hosting website?



Image hosting is basically a service by which only images are located with a web host or server. If you wish to make image hosting web site, or any kind of website for the same purpose , you will want website hosting and most likely a domain.

I am warning you that the idea to have an image hosting website was already done before, also, since you’re asking “what’s the distinction between image hosting and website hosting” I’ve got a feeling this can be really hard for you.

Image Hosting simply targets hosting image’s files like gif, jpeg, jpg… etc. Website hosting involves video hosting, image hosting, ecommerce hosting, file hosting, blog hosting …etc. If you’re planning to begin image hosting website, it’s suggested to choose VPS server as image hosting will need a lot of space and CPU particularly if your site became popular.

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