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What can I do to transfer to another Web hosting site?


– What can I do to transfer to another Web hosting site?

– I currently have a web page designed and everything is ok, I want transfer it to a different web-hosting site, What can I do for that transfer?



Subscribe to this new Website Hosting Plan, then make use of an FTP Program in order to transfer all of the files towards the new plan. After you have examined all of the files within the new plan, you will be able to alter the DNS of the domain name to the new hosting company.

For those who have a backend Database , will need to transfer that database and alter the connection string.

When moving your site to a new web hosting company in the initial step they ask you if you are thinking getting a new domain or you possess an existing domain name. For those who have a domain name they only place its name inside a box and do as instructed simply.

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