Top 10 Highest Salaries of Presidents in the World

all over the world all people work hard to improve there income and have welfare life .Most people always wonder about what is the president salary?!

Here you are the top ten salaries of presidents in the world:

1. Singaporean President Lee Essen Long ranked first in the world and with a salary of 1.8 million euros

2.Prime Minister in Hong Kong called the Executive Director and named C Wi Long gets 420 thousand euros.

3.In third place the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard 368 thousand euros per year.

4.In the fourth place President Moaka Kibaki 327 thousand euros.

5. In the fifth place Barack Obama gets 300 thousand euros per year.

6.In the sixth place French Prime Minister Francois Hollande 230 thousand euros.

7.In the sixth place too Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister of Germany and a salary of 230 thousand euros. the.Eighth place Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and earns 226 thousand euros per year.

9.  In ninth place Irish Prime Minister enda keny get to 200 thousand euros per year.

10.In tenth place David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, with an income of 174 thousand euros per year.

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