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18 Most Inspiring Landscapes In The World

  Natural landscape are the most important parts of society and nature, landscape is a great gift from god to people. The country that has this gift exploit it well in tourism as the tourists come from all the world for enjoying these landscapes as they are considered as a main landmark of this land. so here are some of the most inspiring natural landscapes in several different countries and lands.

  Philippines is very famous for its charming landscapes as it has many islands which attract tourists all over the whole world, each year you find that Philippines is so crowded with people who come especially for enjoying these wonderful landscapes which they used to watch and hear about on TV. Such as the waterfalls, the jungles of Bohol which has great hidden waterfalls in the jungle where you can enjoy swimming, the mountain ranges of Cordillera, the beautiful beaches and islands such as the Palaui island with its glorious white sand. One of the most wonderful and unusual landscapes there is the chocolate hills of Bohol island, we can’t forget the natural beauty of the cityscapes and volcanoes.


  Australia is very famous for its landscapes too especially the Australian Alps, Tasmania‘s Island, Australia‘s Coastal Wilderness, and the Pinnacles Desert which is so famous for its limestone pillars.


  Turkey has a big range of the most distinctive landscapes in the world such as the goreme valley and goreme national park with its wonderful historical heritage,  the Goreme castle, Cappadocia and the Mediterranean coastline of Anatolia.

  Tourists like to visit the coastal areas of the west and the deserts of Arizona and Nevada.

  China also has impressive landscapes that attract tourists from every where they like to visit Danxia Landform or the China Red Stone Park for enjoying the colorful hills, cliffs, and caves. There are also the Huangashan mountains, ans the East Hulun Buir Grassland which is one of the most attractive landscape in the world people like to visit it for enjoying the green fields and mountains there.