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What Are the Latest Home Decor Trends?

How is your home going to look like in the coming year? We wait every year for the new trends of home decor. Sometimes, we find that there are some features of home decor in the previous years that continue to exist in the next years and designers always try to present new trends that help us to renew our homes. Home decor trends in 2014 are based on reviving the past with its busts, paintings, furniture and pieces of decoration, so it is like a revolution that refuses to follow traditions. To discover more about home decor trends that are predicted for 2014, we present to you the following features to help you to prepare your home for the new year.

– Busts: Using ancient busts is one of the main trends for home decor in the coming year. The busts represent only the face or the upper part of the body and they are not statues that represent the whole body. Using busts and statues was common in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman ages and they come back to be used in our recent time.

Bust of Young Girl

– Ancient paintings and columns: Ancient oil paintings and wallpapers will be common to be seen on walls. They look like those which can be found on the walls and columns of ancient temples. The columns are also one of the main features in the ancient architecture that will be used in modern homes.

ancient art
egyptian art
Via Bellaria

– Geometry: Using geometric and circular shapes that may come to look exotic but they are fabulous, modern and futuristic also. They appear in wall paintings, furniture, room dividers, chandeliers and other sources of light that are hanged in the ceiling.

Moschino Loves altreforme
modern home decorating

– Raw materials: Different pieces of furniture such as tables and chairs come with their original state through using raw materials whether it is for wood or metal pieces.

arch column round
Reclaimed threshing floor Pedestal trestle table with comb back arm chairs
Table With Chairs

– Patterns: Using patterns for decoration and it can appear on fabrics of pillows and sheets, walls in their paintings and among the patterns that are used for decoration in the next year are letters and flowers.

Removable Cartoon font Letters-b-font-Body-Height-font-b-Wall-b-font-font-b
chic coles
Lovely Brown Pictures for a Living Room Wall
ceramic wall tile floral pattern

– Massive furniture: Using sturdy pieces of furniture with large size and heavy weight are one of the hottest trends that are predicted for the next year.


– Ancient furniture: Reviving the ancient ages is not limited to using busts and ancient paintings on the walls, they also extend to include pieces of furniture that we use in our homes. The shape of ancient gods and goddesses appear on the pieces of furniture such as the arms of the chairs and the pieces of furniture themselves come to look like the ancient Egyptian,Greek and Roman ones.

Ancient Egyptian Furniture (2)
egyptian shapes

– Ancient decorative pieces: Using pieces of decoration that imitate those which were used by ancient people such as urns will be common in the coming year.


– Stone Furniture: The pieces of furniture that are going to be used in the next year will come to be made of stone to be very heavy in their weight and tiring when you decide to move them. They may also come to be just stone shaped.

Zachary A Design Stone Furniture 3

– Many colors for different tastes: There are many vivid and soft colors that can be used in the next year for painting the walls of your home and its furniture such as purple, orange, emerald and olive green, turquoise, lavender, gray iron, dark gray, blue, yellow, pink, dark red and white that can be paired with other bright colors such as red and orange and it can also be paired with black to make the room look magnificent. Yellow is thought to be the most used color for the coming year.

Antique Blue Dining Room Painted Ceiling
Remarkable purple Bedroom With Calm
Purple bedroom mobilificio bellutti

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