Weight loss Using Yoga.. for Inside Out Health & Femininity

Weight loss forms a great deal of the dreams of many people out there in the world. We keep dreaming about healthy bodies, putting plans that are never followed. That’s because losing weight is not an easy process; it demands a strong well and persistence to alter your habits and way of life, replace them with healthier ones. Weight loss should not be limited to some desired external changes such as flat bellies, slim waists and thighs. However achieving these results would be amazing, don’t be distracted by them from the more profound transformation; healthy, happy and free body, mind and soul. This can be achieved by yoga.

Yoga is a quite effective way to expand your awareness about the different facets of weight loss. It helps you to understand, more that any words, that it is more like a journey than a result. Viewing it this way, external changes are surface manifestations of more magnificent alterations within; physical and spiritual. Maybe some stories of people managed to lose weight using yoga will help you get it more.

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1 Elisha Thompson

The first story is Elisha Thompson‘s. She considers it a story about finding herself, not just weight loss. The first chapter of Elisha’s story started at the beginning of her 30s. Weighing 253 pounds she decided to have a gastric bypass surgery. She was totally counting on it to end the feelings of misery and discomfort she felt her entire life due to being fat. However the surgery completely succeeded and her ancient dream of being skinny finally came true, this didn’t bring her the happiness she was expecting. The suddenly huge change brought her depression and anxiety. She began to realize profound changes in her life that she wasn’t expecting and didn’t know how to cope with until she found yoga, or as she sees it now “Yoga found me”.

Elisha fell in love with yoga from the first meet. She felt as if she found a lost piece of herself. She started with few private lessons then sought a studio to continue practicing among a group. Since then, physical and emotional changes have flowed into her life. She became lighter, healthier, more flexible and a lot more. You can find the detailed experience told by Elisha herself here.

Elisha-Thompson Weight loss Using Yoga.. for Inside Out Health & Femininity

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2 Johnni Southerland

Another amazing story of success that you will probably find quite interesting, is about the weight loss of 30 pounds using yoga! Our heroine this time is Johnni Southerland. Unlike Elisha, Johnni never had a problem with her weight until she turned 40. That is because she was thin due to her high metabolism, not a healthy way of life. So when she hit the 40s and her metabolism slowed down, she began to gain weight; and when reached her 50s, things rapidly got worse that her weight hit 162 pounds and her blood pressure was borderline high, mostly due to the overweight. At the end of her 50s, she was weighing 182.

About six months before hitting 60 she decided to achieve a good change. Seeking healthier life, she tried small changes like quitting the Nicorette and diet soda, replacing them with sugarless gum and unsweetened iced herbal tea, but the huge change was waiting around the corner.

It is said that what you are looking for is looking for you too, and this is what happened to Johnni. A week after starting these little changes, a friend introduced her to hot yoga. At first doing the yoga poses with a non-athletic body in a hot room was quite hard, but time after time, her balance improved and began to feel stronger. Here you can enjoy the detailed experience of Johnni. It is a quite amazing story.

Johnni-Southerland-yoga Weight loss Using Yoga.. for Inside Out Health & Femininity

Yoga Burn

For those who prefer practicing yoga at home or alone in open places, we introduce you Yoga Burn; a 12-week yoga program for women on DVDs. The creator of the program is Zoe Bray Cotton, a certified yoga instructor and female body transformation expert. Adopting a technique called Dynamic Sequencing, she helps you learn the correct sequence of the poses that will guide you from the beginner level until mastering yoga.

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No specific age is required. As you probably noticed from the ages of Elisha and Johnni, the age is not an obstacle here. By slowly forcing your body to change and adapt to yoga poses, the process of shaping a feminine body that not only looks better and healthy but actually feels the same way as well, this amazing process is underway. No need for pills or potions, as Cotton states on her website. Moreover, she provides a 100% refund within 60 days in case the client is not satisfied with her program. There’s also limited time offers on two packages; the first costs 37$ and the second, which comprises two copies of the same program,  is available for 57$ plus shipping.

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zoe-Bray-Cotton Weight loss Using Yoga.. for Inside Out Health & Femininity

The Yoga Burn program comprises three phases; the Foundational Flow for the beginners, the Transitional Flow that is designed to enhance your mood and capability of doing the poses, and finally, the Mastery Flow by which you will boost your metabolism; healthy changes and feminine tone will manifest on your body. The results may vary from a lady to another; it depends on the way each body works, reacts to yoga; sometimes it takes time to notice the change; in other cases, the results appear quickly.

Our bodies are gifts that we should wisely deal with and use. Talk to your body and spirit, build a bridge between them with yoga. It’s also recommended to read or watch documentaries about yoga to become more familiar with its nature, ancient history, philosophy, main purposes and the different results you can get from it.

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