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6 Creative Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding anniversaries bring back the memory of the day when lady luck twinkled into our lives and changed it forever. There can be various ways to celebrate this special day, but no celebration is complete without anniversary gifts that hold a place in your partner’s heart. Choosing a memorable gift can be challenging, which is why a DIY gift is one of the best choices for such occasions. When you put in your love and care into making a gift for your partner, it symbolizes your love in a way like no other. Read on ahead for some creative wedding gift ideas that you can give to your sweetheart this year.

WEDDING-ANNIVrsary-gifts 6 Creative Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Show your love with a week of romantic letters

Why have a single day for celebrating your anniversary when you can instead have a romantic anniversary week? In this gift, you give a love-filled letter to your significant other every day of your anniversary week, with the last letter being on your anniversary day itself.

Romantic-Anniversary-Letter 6 Creative Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

You can use these ideas to write and prepare your letters:

  • For people who find artwork difficult, use colorful papers with matching envelopes for the letters. For each letter, use a different pen color, so it’s all the more memorable.
  • Each letter can contain a loving memory from your relationship, such as the day you met or your first date. You can also add things such as what you love about your husband/wife to remind them how special they are.
  • In the last letter, wish your partner a happy anniversary and leave them an unforgettable (and romantic) message for the future.
  • For the extra touch of love, you can decorate the letters with paints, glitter, sequin, and whatnot.

2 Get a customized t-shirt made

There is nothing sweeter than having one of those couple t-shirts that show your love for each other in public. This is the reason a customized t-shirt makes for a special and romantic anniversary gift. It can serve as a daily reminder about your love and commitment to your partner.

And it is actually not as difficult as it sounds. Here is how you can get a custom t-shirt for your partner:

  1. Think of a design that you want on the t-shirt. It can be anything from a love note to a romantic symbol to your partner’s name. You can find great designs on websites like Custom Ink, or you can create your own.
  2. Choose or purchase a t-shirt that your partner will like – be sure to choose one in their favorite color to make it even more special.
  3. Get the design printed and pasted on a t-shirt of your choice from a local t-shirt printing shop or custom t-shirts service near you. This trend is quite common now, so that you can find some great options in your vicinity.

anniversary-gift-customized-t-shirt 6 Creative Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

3 Write “Open When You” letters

Anniversaries are all about celebrating togetherness, and there is no better way of doing this than by constantly reminding them that you are there for them when they need you the most. For this, you can create a pile of thoughtful ‘open when you’ letters that they can open and read whenever they need your support. Even when you are not there, these letters will give your partner the emotional support they need to get through tough times. This is what makes this a great anniversary gift.

To prepare these, think of all the moments when your partner may need to and what you will say to them in those moments. For instance, you can prepare a letter ‘open when you are sad’ and in the letter, write all the things that you would say to your partner to support and get them through that phase.

Open-When-Letters 6 Creative Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Some other ideas for such letters are “open when you need moral support,” “open when you feel alone,” “open when you feel lost.” But really, the possibilities are endless.

4 Prepare a romantic diary

One of the cutest and purest ways of expressing love to your partner is through a handwritten, romantic diary. All you need are some paper sheets, a little bit of decoration, and a customized cover for the diary.

  • Start by filling out all the pages with your favorite love quotes, relationship memories, things that you love about your partner. Add in pictures and dates to make it even more memorable.
  • Once you have the pages ready, it’s time to design and prepare the cover. You can use various materials for the cover, such as jeans, clothes, card paper, or any other of your choice. Give it a nice and memorable title such as ‘Our Moments of Love.’
  • Decorate the cover with glitter, sequins, stickers, or anything else that you like.
  • Bind everything together in the form of a diary and bundle it with chocolates and flowers to surprise your partner with one of the best anniversary gifts you can give.

anniversary-gift-romantic-diary 6 Creative Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

5 Frame a handwritten love note

This gift is all about showing your love with a good ol’, heartfelt note for your spouse. There is nothing more special than a thoughtful, handwritten love note that takes you back to the time when you first fell in love. Write the note on card paper or a canvas and then get it framed to make it more presentable. Alternatively, you can get your love note carved directly into a wooden canvas as well. Canvas Champ provides various canvas printing and engraving services that you can choose from to turn your love note into a beautiful anniversary gift. Like with a customized t-shirt, a framed love note that hangs on your bedroom wall will be a constant reminder of your love for them.

anniversary-gift-carved-handwritten-love-note 6 Creative Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

6 Make a collage of special moments and memories

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a collage of all your special moments is simply priceless. This is one of the most popular DIY wedding anniversary gift ideas out there: A collage full of memories printed, framed, and hung on your wall.

How do you go about making this collage? Here’s how:

  1. Pick out all your favorite couple photos that speak volumes about the precious times that you two have spent together.
  2. Put the pictures together into a creative collage. This can be challenging when doing it from scratch, but luckily services such as PosterMyWall help. PosterMyWall has a wide range of collage designs and ideas available that you can choose from to prepare your collage. All you need to do is place your pictures on the collage using the collage maker, save, and download!
  3. Once you have designed and prepared the collage, get it printed from a local printing shop and then framed into a nice wooden frame. Decorate as you like and bundle it with some nice flowers and chocolates.

You can hang the collage in your room or lounge as a constant reminder of all the lovely times you and your partner have spent together. After all, what could be better than a gift that brings a smile to your spouse’s face every time they see it and helps you relive all the old memories? It is also a recommended gift because it makes for an amazing decoration piece for your home.

anniversary-gifts-collage-full-of-memories-printed-e1615925290399 6 Creative Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


There are countless options for wedding anniversary gifts out there, but nothing beats a personalized gift that shows your love and feelings for your partner. Just imagine the smile on your spouse’s face when you give them a handwritten love note or a collage filled with all your favorite memories. It’s quite easy to make your own creative DIY gift for your next wedding anniversary with the right tools and imagination.

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