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What it Cost Me to Host a Website?

Website Hosting Cost is important matter if you’re setting up an online business, as one of the main parts will be setting up your website.
This website may be simple static website or big complex website like video sharing websites or social networks.

It depends on:
1- how much space and monthly bandwidth you will need.
2- reliablity
3- support (customer and technical support)
4- databases and other features needs
5- cost of website hosting

Question #1: How much does website hosting cost?

Answer: Most small business website hosting costs should be less than $10 per month. Most good reliable web hosting companies provide about 5 dollar starter sites, But if you need help to develop and manage your website then the cost may be higher.

Question #2: What low cost website hosting company do you recommend?

Answer: I recommend Fatcow low cost website hosting for starting websites – as they’re great and you can have total control over. Basic account from them is about $5/month – but if you pay by the year using discount link listed here – then you’ll get discount upto 45% off PLUS free domain name.

I have used them for several years now – and they have great 24/7 tech support.

You probably want to get one of their linux servers since it will allow you to install a lot of things on it pretty easily in one click.

Question #3: How much should be cost for website hosting MySQL Database and other features?
Answer: Most reliable web hosting companies should not be charging you for anything else!

So, you should choose web hosting company with best business practices. I do most of my websites through Fatcow, and absolutely love them.

What i like most about Fatcow is that they offer unlimited diskspace and bandwith on all their plans. You can also host an unlimited number of websites for no extra charge. If your sites are large in content, or high resourced, this is great.

They also offer an unlimited number of MySQL databases even on their plan!

Getting a company that is reliable is key. Sure you can find really cheaper cost of hosting a website plans from unheard of companies, but your speed and uptime wont be top notch. Take his into consideration before you jump on a lowest website host cost, yet unheard of company.

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