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website creation and hosting tips
Need some website creation tutorials, tips and methods that you haven’t tried yet? If you are looking for a new way to create a website, there are plenty. In fact, it is possible to create a new website in under a few hours, just by using website creation software that is offered to us online. When creating your own site though, you want to stick to some of the tips we use, if you expect to see some traffic.

Also, if you want great rankings, you will need to know some crucial website creation tips when it comes to making your site. Do everything right from the beginning, and you will see your blog take off quickly. Here are some website creation and hosting tips listed below.


Website Creation and Hosting:

When creating your site, always use reliable hosting that allows you to 1-click install WordPress as WebHostingHub company (the hosting which I use). This actually saves you the time of having to FTP everything, creating the username and password. On top of that, you’d have to enter it into your files again. With WebHostingHub, all you have to do is click on the “Install WordPress” and you fill out your details. After that, your blog is up and running, waiting for content to be added!

Website creation cost will not be high, just the cost of hosting (as WebHostingHub in this case offer 1-click free installation).


Use Seo For Ranking:

website creation tutorial
Another method we use to create our sites and get them ranking quickly, is by using “All in One SEO” wordpress plugin. However, if you don’t have WordPress, you can change the structure of your permalinks instead. Your title should be a keyword and the permalink needs to contain the title, of course.

After you have created your site, and added some content to it – it’s time to get exposure. You want to expose your site to the search engines so they notice you. This is called getting indexed. Once your site appears in Google, you are obviously indexed. To do this, be sure to ping your site every few days. You also need to submit a Google sitemap of your page and once you do this, it should take around 24-72 hours to become indexed.

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