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Webhostingpad vs JustHost – Which One is The Trusted?!

Planning your business ahead of time is a smart move, especially when it comes to choosing a hosting provider. Generally, you would want to compare between the top five hosts then pick out two which stand out. After, you can narrow it down to one web hosting company after you have looked through their features and prices. Find out who offers more or who has the best deal.

WebHostingPad vs JustHost are considered the top hosting providers out of the many web hosting companies available online.

WebHostingPad was created in 2005 from the Omnis Network. Right now, they are one of the cheapest hosting services out there.


JustHost is newer than WebHostingPad, created during 2008. Even though this web host is fairly new, they have gained countless customers and have grown their online presence quickly.


Webhostingpad vs JustHost Hosting Features Comparison:

Technically speaking, both hosting companies have similar features included like Linux servers, CGI, Ruby on Rails and cPanel as well. Also, PHP and Perl are included. Both companies offer MySQL and applications. As far as the control panel, both will be the same.

In case you are creating a website that you’ll use heavily for advertising, we recommend going with JustHost. They offer a free $50 in Google Adwords upon signing up. WebHostingPad only gives you $25 credit in Adwords but hopefully they’ll add more.

Here are some features of the two companies so you can easily compare them below.


WebHostingPad Features:

  • Receive unlimited disk space, monthly data transfer and domain hosting.
  • Hosting comes with unlimited POP, e-mail responders and e-mail forwarders.
  • You are able to add as many MySQL databases as you want, there’s no limit.
  • This hosting company provides a free domain name upon sign up.
  • You’ll also receive a free site builder to create your website.
  • They have Xeon Intel Raid servers which are protected and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Their uptime is at 99.9% and this is guaranteed.


JustHost Features:

  • You’ll receive unlimited GB’s in space for your website.
  • Includes unlimited GB’s of transfer and unlimited hosting,
  • You can host an unlimited amount of domains.
  • There is no limit to the amount of e-mail accounts you put up.
  • You can put up as many MySQL databases as you like.
  • Receive a free domain when signing up.
  • This web hosting company offers free setup.
  • Hosting comes with an advanced site builder and templates.
  • There are absolutely no hidden fees or costs.

Both companies have a money back guarantee.


JustHost vs Webhostingpad Prices Comparison:

JustHost is a bit more expensive than WebHostingPad right now. To get the best rate, go with the 36 months plan.

On the other hand, WebHostingPad is extremely cheap compared to all other hosting companies but with less quality and decreased uptime.


Final Conclusion:

So far, from what we have heard from current customers – there are far more who are satisfied with JustHost over WebHostingPad.

Even though WebHostingPad is the cheapest, JustHost has more valuable features and their customer service is much faster when it comes to phone support.

Check JustHost Offers … VS … WebHostingPad Offers

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