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WebHostingBuzz is one of the top web hosting service providers in the market today. It has several servers which include Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting and Budget Web Hosting. Its servers are relatively fast, with excellent uptime. If for sometime you have not run suphp under your account though, loading your site may take a bit longer but once it has fully loaded, navigation through the pages will be fast and easy.

WebHostingBuzz Reliability and Features:
Although you may experience failure in site loading at times, this is infrequent and the problem usually goes away without the intervention of the company’s technical team. WebHostingBuzz engineers are quick to rectify such inconveniences. If the server hosting your domain is experiencing problems, the company can move you to another one. Alternatively, they can upgrade you to a more advanced system whose operation is smoother. This is one of the reasons why many people are transferring their domains from non-functional hosts to WebHostingBuzz where the service is more reliable.

Notably, interruptions in connectivity mostly occur when other users abuse the services. There are those who mess up with system settings, some of them intentionally. This results in mis-configuration, which may affect other users as well. The WebHostingBuzz management has been acting on such system abusers and has put in place stringent measures concerning the same. These measures have helped in curbing defaulting and as a result there are fewer problems affecting the bulk of users of web hosting buzz servers.

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Unlike most hosts, WebHostingBuzz does not put limits to the bandwidth you use. Neither does it control CPU usage. Major traffic increases are handled well, ensuring that your services are not disabled. The only hitch may be that too much traffic does sometimes cause a reduction in the speed but it usually picks up again really fast.

Price Value:
You get value for your money when you sign up with WebHostingBuzz. There are many features which you can use to enhance your files. It is also rich in applications which are good for business. Whether you are on the reseller package or VPS, you will get these applications and features. The pricing of the different packages is also fair. This company has some of the lowest rates in the market for new connections, packages and upgrades. It is possible to upgrade from one package to another one which is of a higher set-up.

Customers Support:
WebHostingBuzz has superb customer relations and technical staffs who sacrifice a lot to ensure that you get the best services. They respond to complaints within a short time and will offer solutions to every problem that crops up. Other than the office team, there is another team, the Live Support Team which is based online. Somebody from this team will respond instantly to any SOS you may send online. The Live Support Team tackles problems that are caused by overloads and other connection issues and sometimes five minutes is all it takes to correct mishaps.

All these factors combine to make WebHostingbuzz a major player in the industry, sometimes attracting people who set up more than one domain in their servers.
So, if you compared its features, reliability, prices, uptime and customer support with those of other web hosting providers, WebHostingBuzz must certainly be included in top your list of options, as it was found to deliver real value for money.


  1. After years of changing my providers on and on, i found WHB as unbeatable in providing servers and support.

    They have great offers, a very helpful support and they work really on making the services better and the prices lower.
    I will stay with Web Hosting Buzz.

  2. I’ve had no major problems with Web Hosting Buzz. They are probably the best value for the money you can get right now.

    There have been minor times of site inaccessibility but they cleared up within minutes without me needing to contact support.

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