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Webcity.com.au Review (Ratings – Uptime – Disadvantages – Features)

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About Webcity.com.au:

Webcity Australia is a company that offers services such as web hosting, web design, domain registration and web marketing that meets the needs of small to medium businesses and even serves the individual who is in business for themselves. Webcity.com.au has been in operation since 1997, and are still going strong and growing to continue meeting the needs of business owners in a way that can’t be beat.


Webcity Features & Plans:

Webcity offers four different hosting packages that would fit the needs of any small to medium business owner and it definitely fit my needs.  Features of their hosting plans included a 90 day, 110% money back guarantee 24 hour support should the need arise24/7 immediate set up and activation– no waiting for things to be set up in a day or two; very fast servers with a 99.98% uptime and an infrastructure that is up to date with the highest technological advances.

Right now, Webcity is offering adwords vouchers with all of their hosting plans!  This is a great value that helps the business owner with some advertising costs.

Webcity also offers a dedicated private server package for those who want their own servers rather than sharing them, that gives the customer unlimited storage, unlimited mailboxes and allows for unlimited traffic.


Guarantees Offered By Webcity Australia:

Webcity offers an unheard of 90 day 110% money back guarantee (excluding domain registration fees) which I was really impressed with.  If I didn’t like them for whatever reason, I was going to get not just 100% of my money back, but 110%.  To me that is confidence in their company and I respect that.

They offer a 99.98% uptime guarantee, so I don’t have to worry about my websites servers going down and losing business and customers from having server issues.


Webcity Reliability:

In addition to their already terrific services and packages, they have recently upgraded their servers and are now running on Lite Speed Enterprises with all their hosting.  Lite Speed is the world’s best performing  web server software and now all customers that host with them will get that benefit too.  It’s a definite plus in my book to know that they are using such incredible web server software being used to host my websites.

Webcity offers the highest level of reliability guaranteed, and offer huge limits in each of their hosting plans at the best price possible.  You can’t go wrong with this company.  They have a guaranteed 99.98% uptime, which ensures that my websites are going to be working.


Webcity Customer Support:

The customer support that Webcity offers has been absolutely first class.  They have 24/7 email and telephone support for any issues that I need them for, and they are always courteous and ready to help me with any problems I might have.  They offer extended support as well for a fee, but I have not had to use this.  It’s nice knowing it’s there though if I do need it in the future.


Final Conclusion About Webcity:

Webcity is a company that gives me everything I need in a convenient package at an awesome price and they stand behind all their services with a support staff that I know I can rely on.

It’s a company I will be doing business with for a long time to come especially with their unconditional 90 day 110% money back guarantee (So, I’ve nothing to lose).

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  1. Webcity is great. No complaints and the 90 day money back guarantee makes them even more appealing.

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