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 About Wazala eCommerce Company:

Wazala.com offers services for customers who want to create online stores on remote servers that they can access quickly or integrate into a website. This company is based in Los Angeles, California and their packages are designed for medium and small business owners who want to sell a single product or hundreds of products on the internet, but lack the resources to create an ecommerce solution. Companies with established websites can also integrate Wazala Online Store on their sites.

This application was designed to provide website owners with an effective and easy way to convert their sites to a storefront while not interfering with the content. Today, the company is offering a wide variety of convenient features to allow customers to integrate a storefront seamlessly on their sites. Customers can try the service for 15 days without paying if they want to start Wazala online store within 15 minutes to sell products on websites, blogs or Facebook.


Wazala eCommerce Services & Features:

Wazala.com ecommerce services enables customers to create a store easily online in order to add products, shipping options, product variations and options, images and pictures and digital downloads. Other than adding a store to websites, blogs or Facebook, customers can also choose a Wazala Touch mobile ecommerce store or a their own store name with Wazala URL.

Wazala Touch is offering customers a new shopping experience and all the subscriptions now include an optimized mobile browser store with gesture and touch based products.


 Additional Features:

  • Stand-alone or integrated store with any web design
  • Options to sell downloadable or physical products
  • Popular payment options, such as Google Checkout and PayPal
  • Management of inventory/ information
  • Discounts offers for customers
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Multiple product images
  • Customized storefront
  • Sales Stats
  • Facebook Page & Mobile Commerce Store
  • Multiple Languages
  • Social Promoter Engine
  • Discount & Coupons Codes
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Customized Store Labels & Emails
  • Google Analytics


Advantages of Wazala:

  1. Wazala allows everyone to own an online store, whether or not they have a web presence.
  2. Even the smallest business can take advantage of the free option to set up an online storefront in no time.
  3. Medium size companies selling below 250 products can seamlessly integrate an elegant online store to their existing sites
  4. There are no fees for transactions.


Guarantees of Wazala:

Wazala.com guarantees that starters will get full support for their businesses!


 Reliability Review Of Wazala:

Wazala.com has the infrastructure to scale and provide high performance solutions that will ensure that customers can expand their business.


 What I Didn’t Like In Wazala eCommerce Solutions:

Impressive service overall, there is just one issue with the fact that the integrated Wazala online store window superimpose the existing website, so the feel and look is different from the rest of the website.


Wazala Support:

Wazala.com provides customers with a help desk, which includes community forums, ticket system and FAQs.


Wazala Coupon Codes & Discount Offers:

Wazala.com may offer discounts and coupons to partners and customers from time to time. These Wazala discount offers are advertised (if available) on their homepage.



Wazala.com is the ideal option for anyone who needs an ecommerce solution for their business without the hassles of dealing with the financial application for integration. This online service provides all the tools needed to get an online store up and running in no time.

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