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5 Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Workplace

Virtual reality is not about games anymore – it’s a tool that can help you grow your business, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge. That’s why many companies, including ones that belong to the FAANG family, bet on this technology.

Before we move on to the applications of VR in the workplace, let’s clarify the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality. Augmented reality overlays digital objects onto the real world. Think of all kinds of holograms. Virtual reality is a fully digital world in which the user is immersed with the help of headgear. Here’s a closer look at five ways to use virtual reality technologies in your business.

1 Virtual reality in recruiting  

VR lets job seekers see their role before they step in and decide whether it fits them. This way, they will only consider positions that resonate with their career ambitions. You only need to ask them to get access to the gear (or cardboard glasses), install an app, and watch the video in virtual reality. The video will show the seeker what their role involves daily. VR is a way to conduct an interview from any device and wherever. Interviews via video conferences often make candidates feel tense. Moreover, studies have shown that VR stimulates a more relaxed atmosphere during interviews, which leads to interviewees act naturally. VR is also used in showing candidates hands-on examples and training sessions.

Virtual Reality Recruiting 5 Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Workplace - 1

2 Customer experience and virtual reality

Besides gaming, it’s probably the most exciting way of using virtual reality. Virtual reality opens up new opportunities for the demonstration of products and services. The feedback received from such interactions might bring valuable insights about your clients.

Visiting physical rooms to see the product is not necessary anymore. Instead, we can put on the gear and see virtual rooms and interact with virtual shopping assistants from the comfort of home. The best part is that clients can “try before buy.” Good examples of virtual reality and customer experience enhancement appear from time to time – cosmetics, retail, and even traveling like virtual hotel tours.

Key west marriott beachside hotel virtual tour 5 Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Workplace - 2

Customer experience virtual reality 5 Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Workplace - 3

3 Virtual reality and cross-team communication

Virtual reality and remote teams are a natural fit. Communication is an indispensable part of a workplace, which has become flexible like never before. Virtual reality can be the next step in increasing productivity. Rather than using Skype to connect with the rest of the team, virtual reality will immerse the team into the world of data visualization and video conferences. This can be a replacement of the workplace as we know it, and it won’t take long.

Virtual reality and cross team communication 5 Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Workplace - 4

4 Virtual reality and enhanced training 

For years pilots relied on complex training systems. These can now be replaced with compact and portable equipment and virtual reality solutions. Modern pilot training equipment let them be more prepared for the actual flight experiences. Teachers also have the opportunity to test their skills using virtual classrooms filled with kids avatars. It’s a great way to use their teaching methods in practice. Healthcare is already the realm of virtual reality where surgeons use this technology to train to perform complex surgeries, test new equipment, and procedures in a safe environment.

Virtual reality pilot training 5 Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Workplace - 5

Virtual reality surgery training 5 Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Workplace - 6

5 Virtual reality and customer service

Virtual reality can bridge your business with the customer in real-time. In many cases, technologies overcome the gap between users and business operations. Social networks and chatbots helped companies stay more connected to the clients, which helped them grow their top-lines. With virtual reality, you can keep clients coming to you in droves by giving them a feel of what it’s like to be part of your company or product. That sense of connection is an excellent way to win their loyalty.

virtual reality customer service 5 Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Workplace - 7

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Virtual reality technology will continue on its path to advancement, getting our virtual experiences closer to the physical world. Latest advancements show how virtual reality can impact our buying decisions, come in handy with all kinds of training, and make our communication more efficient.

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