7 Ways to Get Secure Online and Regain Your Privacy

Being online is interesting. You become connected with the outer world, and no matter where you are, you get to know what is happening meanwhile in every spot around the world. Besides, you connect with your old friends, family members that live miles and miles away, and nearly everyone else. However, let’s be quite honest; everything has its downsides too, and being online is no different at all. Every time you sign up for creating a new account in a social media online platform, they offer that too long terms and conditions. No one ever bothers reading the whole thing; we like to make it go away by pressing that “I accept” button. Have you ever thought of the consequences, the unpleasant ones in particular? Well, some websites have your permission, without you even noticing, of having your personal information and documents.

Thus, being online can put you in real danger if you are not careful with the stuff you post, the information you share, especially too personal, and everything that makes it easier for hackers to blackmail you. Gladly, there are ways where you get to ensure your security online and regain your privacy. Check them out.

1 Take Care of the Applications you Install

It is quite tempting to download all of the free apps that are available in the store: games, chat messengers, etc. What you may not know is, if you are not paying for an application in cash, you are paying in some other way. And by another way, we mean your data and information. Because, in the end, you can’t have something without giving another, right? It is just how life works. Every time, you download an application, it asks for your permission to have access into all of your data, including pictures, contacts, documents, and everything. Here’s our advice to you to keep yourself safe, avoid downloading unnecessary apps and don’t click on that link that advertises a brand new app. Scroll down and move on with your life; your information is more valuable than you may believe.

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2 The Browsers You Use Make All the Difference

Your privacy can highly depend on what browser you use. Unfortunately, Chrome is not your best friend despite being widely used. However, the best two web browsers to go for are Firefox and Safari because they are owned by a private company that can keep your information safe. The former is owned by Mozilla, a non-profit firm whose only aim is to provide people with the internet; the latter is owned by Apple which cares so much about providing their clients with high security. Above and beyond, you don’t just go use these browsers to enjoy a high level of safety. There are a few steps you need to go through to ensure your safety, like using secure VPN. If you are not familiar with VPN technology, you can check out this guide on what is a VPN. You need to delve into the setting of each browser and confirm your protection. One more thing; always refuse when websites ask to track your location.

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3 Go For Anonymity Services

You can use services that give you an anonymous account to use instead of letting of your data and personal information spill over the internet. Most famous online lifestyle magazines suggest using reliable VPN, or use the ‘Private Browsing Mode’, it helps you look up whatever you want without the browser saving information about you. The internet saves the information you look up to during browsing; it is saved in an endless file of personal data about you; it saves things you thought you deleted long ago.

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4 Use Tough Passwords (No, Seriously, Really Tough Ones)

Unfortunately, not all of us were graced with a badass memory to memorize complicated passwords. Instead, we go for passwords with our pets’ names, favorite fictional characters, phone numbers, and many more easy passwords that can be easily tracked. For ultimate privacy, you need to use a different password for every platform or application. Yes, this is hard, in the end, how are we supposed to remember all of these passwords, right? Well, thankfully, some people in this world made something suitable for moments of doubt and fear of being online blackmailed. There are different websites where you can save all of your passwords, secretively, and log in with one single click, nothing more. It is a real lifesaver; there are plenty of them.

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5 Add an Extra Layer of Security

Ever heard of two-factor authentication? It works as an extra layer of protection for all of your information, personal data, and passwords. It makes it harder for hackers and jail-breakers to get any access to your accounts. Use it on every possible account or profile to make sure you are safe on the internet.

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6 Update Your Software Regularly

This may sound weird, but it is a claim that was made by internet professionals. Keeping your software updated is one of the most critical steps to take towards a safer online experience. Professionals have even pictured regularly updating your software is equivalent to changing the oil of your car so it can work more efficiently. With every software update, your device is protected against harmful bugs and malware; such things can make your information more vulnerable, and hackers are always on the hunt for such opportunities. Thus, turn on your automatic update to stay safe.

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7 Don’t be too Thrilled with Public Networks

With our obsessive usage of internet and technology in general, we get too excited when we get free Wi-Fi in a public place. They are currently everywhere; you can always connect to the internet no matter where you are. But, here is something you need to know; public Wi-Fi-s can be truly dangerous. In some cases, fake websites could steal your information. Thus, if you are somewhere public and you need to use the internet, be aware of what pages you visit since all of your moves are going to be monitored.

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It is scary to be blackmailed online, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the internet altogether. Use it with caution and be aware of the personal information you provide. Don’t share sensitive information about yourself. Be safe.

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