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10 Ways to Gain More Clients for Pilates Instructors

The goal of every fitness studio is to make profits. After all, profit is what keeps the fitness management business afloat, allows you to keep teaching Pilates and pay the bills. If you are looking for smart customer communication strategies to keep clients coming to your studio, we got you covered. Here, find 10 smart ideas you can adopt to help your business stand out from the crowd.

1 Know your Audience

One of the most important variables in Pilates is the audience. As a fitness instructor, begin by identifying and understanding your target group. This will help you in designing the right customer communication while teaching. Your regulars in your Pilates booking software should give you an indication of the group you may appeal to the most.

It is advisable to use data as opposed to guesswork. Hire a credible tech company such as Gymcatch to install a scheduling software or a fitness instructor software to get the right stats and reports. Once you identify your niche, it will be easy to target the group with appropriate messaging. Messaging touches on all communication modes, from the cues used to the marketing materials.

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2 Give Specialised Classes

One of the smartest strategies to increase your customer base is by offering specialised classes. This entails the expansion of your customer base by focusing on a wide target audience. Here are some of the tricks you could adopt.

  1. Pilates for Kids: This is a clever small business marketing idea. How about offering parent-children classes? Parents love to bond with their kids, and this would be a great avenue for expanding your business. Introduce practices that relate to health and well-being.
  2. Pilates for Expectant Mothers: Classes for expectant mothers are not offered widely, and this would be a great opening for your Pilates. Pregnant women avoid highly involving exercises but are also aware of the benefits that moderate activities can bring. Pilates strengthens the abdominal muscles as well as the pelvic area, so most of them will attend. Train them on the breathing techniques necessary during labour and remember to give it your best and promote your business.
  3. Pilates for Athletes: You could also focus on offering classes that target athletes. Pilates strengthens core muscles, helping athletes in times of injuries, so a good number will enroll.

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3 Leverage Social Media

Every business in the 21st century thrives through social media presence. Whether you own a large-scale gym or a small local studio, small business marketing should be in your fitness management toolkit. Focus on avenues such as Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Facebook and text message marketing. Understand that your business cannot be known if you don’t make marketing efforts.

Means such as SMS marketing play an indispensable role in increasing visibility and placing businesses at a competitive advantage. Before advertising, consult your booking system to focus on your target audience and the platforms they use. This information should help you stage a focused marketing strategy. After identifying the most targeted platforms, make the most out of them by engaging your audience competitively.

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4 Create Rewards Programs

Gymcatch will help you create a rewards section in your booking system, which should address customer experience and place you as an industry leader. This is a simple, yet a magical tool that aids in trapping your existing customers and attracting new ones. For all new customers, you could offer loyalty cards as soon as they become part of the booking system. The other smart idea would be to reward members who never miss a class. Consider slashing a certain percentage off their fees or offer a free class.

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5 Become a Regular Blogger

Blogs are excellent marketing tools and will work in your favour. Your Pilates blog should create visibility and support your growth. When done right with the interest of the consumer and the search engines, it should drive voluminous traffic to your site, generate sales and be an excellent tool for customer experience.

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6 Offer an Open Class

A lot of people like to try out services before paying for them. For Pilates, it is not different. You could encourage clients to sign up with you through text message marketing or emailing, saying you be offering a free class. If you plan on working on special one-on-one clients, begin by providing them a free trial through the WordPress scheduling plugin or personal trainer software that you’re using. The otherwise move would be to host an open community day to educate the locals. You could include mini-seminars, workshops and encourage locals to try out the practices.

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7 Make Connections

Making connections is a good way of promoting your services. Join forces with credible businesses that have the same client base, yet offer something closely related to your services, such as yoga. Create scheduling software to target the right bodies strategically. Offer them a free taster session. It is important that you also think about branding. Have your logo on your merchandise and all products, including water bottles and activewear.

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8 Create Video Content

Video development is an effective way of reaching and engaging customers. For your Pilates studio, develop promotional videos and post them in the shareable mediums such as Facebook and YouTube. Give insight into what your studio is about and what you can do for your audience. Upload videos of palate poses, instructions, benefits and throw in some fun facts. Let them get a feel of your special services to capture their interest.

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9 Set up a Photo Booth

A photo booth in a Pilates studio is a creative marketing idea. It is an excellent platform for sharing stories on social media. Your clients will be interested in taking photos to create a lasting experience, and most will be quick to share them on social media platforms. At the bottom corner of all photos taken, include your logo and share them on your business marketing platform to publicise your studio.

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10 Encourage Reviews

Today, the most powerful content in any website is created by customers. Customer reviews have a huge impact on viewer response. Apart from your voice, potential customers want to hear how other customers benefited from your services and how effective they were. Encourage your customers to give reviews on your site. Do not be afraid to utilise SMS marketing and emails that ask your customers to give their testimonials.

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Marketing your Pilates studio in the modern world is one great way of being at par with smart customer communication strategies. Consider engaging a tech company such as Gymcatch to create fitness instructor software that will make your studio stand out.

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