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3 Best Ways to Choose an Engagement Ring

You have decided to propose to her, and are serious about the decision. Probably, this is the best time of your life, even though you might be a little anxious about the answer you’ll get. Well, don’t freak out over such issues. If you have spent enough time with her, and you know that she loves you and that you love her too, then she already knows that you can’t take “NO” for an answer. Put the whole proposing issue aside, and focus on buying an engagement ring. In fact, buying the perfect one could just earn you more romance points than ever. Now you’re wondering, “Do I really have what it takes to get the best ring?”

Don’t worry, as you already have the main factors to consider with you, by reading on and discovering the tips to purchase the best engagement ring:

1 Consider your budget

You may have heard some people advising that a man should spend at least a 3-month salary on buying an engagement ring if they want to get the best. Well to be financially sensible, that does not make sense at all. One needs to buy what they can afford, rather than just straining themselves and messing up with their budgets. Besides, there are lots of rings out there that will meet the style and preferences you are looking for, at the right budget. If you have enough cash to spend on the ring, you could even go for custom engagement rings for a unique style.

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2 Consider the metal

The ring’s band can be made from various metals, with the most common being Gold, Platinum, and Silver. Gold has three main options regarding color, which ranges from the yellow-orange color for pure gold, silvery color for white gold, and a pinkish copper color for the rose gold. Platinum will have a natural silvery appearance which might fade over time, though that is normally not a very big issue. Silver is the least common of the three metals, though it’s less expensive and can be alloyed with another metal to make it shine. Even as you consider the metal, consider the size of the band, so that you get the right size for her finger. If possible, you could sneak out one of her favorite rings, without her knowing, and trace the size of the ring on a piece of paper, or just slide it up your finger, and mark where it reaches. Before buying the ring, you could search for some information to equip you with the necessary tips on how to safely buy jewelry in the Caribbean.

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3 Choose the correct diamond

Diamond is the most common stone, and probably the best for an engagement ring, and unless your girl dislikes diamond, always choose a diamond ring for her, and make sure you choose the best since this is a crucial part of the ring. There will be four factors to consider when choosing the diamond, and these should be cut, carats, color, and clarity, commonly known as the 4 C’s of choosing a diamond. The cut of the diamond determines how the sparkle will be, with a “round” cut producing the most sparkle, while the “radiant” and “princess” cuts are good at hiding flaws. The karats of the diamond indicate how much it weighs, while the clarity determines whether the diamond has any imperfections or not. A diamond with a higher clarity has increased value and has a greater sparkle than the one with lesser clarity. The color may be more of personal preferences and choices.

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In conclusion, buying an engagement ring is an important step for the start of your journey in marriage. Make the ring unique and something she will value for the rest of her life. Before buying any ring ask for AGS (American Gemological Society) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certifications from your jeweler, to avoid getting ripped off. Since you have decided to propose, let that be the best moment for both of you by getting her what she deserves.

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