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7 Ways to Select Rings For Long, Skinny, And Short Fingers

Selecting the right ring that suits your fingers is the secret of the elegant look of your fingers, so you have to know how to choose the right ring.

Long fingers

The best rings for the long fingers are the big ones with large design so it doesn’t show the length of your fingers. Rings with light and multi color ones suits this type of fingers. You have to keep away from the small simple design rings with one stone. Choosing this type of rings makes you totally free to select any kind of clothes you prefer to wear whether they are plain or have some printings.

Short fingers

We advice you to wear wide, long design, and large rings. The best rings that suits you is the simple ring and select the bright stones that gives you a shiny look. It suits all types of occasions. In case if you wanted to wear two rings they have to be simple and small.

Skinny fingers

Although most skinny fingers are tall, we can find people who have short and skinny fingers, here you can wear a medium size, colorful ring with only two stones. This type of fingers can wear more than one ring in one hand. Your garment should be simple or plain so that it doesn’t dominate your overall look.

Plump fingers

If your fingers are tall and plump so be sure that you have a beauty queen fingers. These are the perfect fingers. You can wear simple, large, dark or light color rings. You can also wear more than one ring in your hands one is large and the other should be simple to achieve balance to your look.