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The Ways to Build a Business: Start Blogging

One quick internet search and you will find dozens of blog posts on almost any topic. More often than not, you will be able to find what you are looking for and then some. You may even find yourself flipping through pages of a blog reading articles and posts that you didn’t even know you wanted to read.

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How many different ways can you toast bread? I’m sure there’s a blog post about that somewhere.

Blogging is perfect for building your business. Think about all the times you have been looking for information, but became distracted by other articles on a blog. Something stood out to you and made you want to explore it further. Maybe you found out about a new product or brand, and next time you recognize the name of the blog, you will stop and pay more attention. Or maybe you will begin visiting the blog on a regular basis looking for new information. That is the goal when blogging for business. You want to make a blog that will bring in new, interested leads that are continuously driving traffic to your website. A blog is essential to your site’s SEO, because these days Google’s algorithm favors fresh, relevant content.

That fresh, relevant content is key to getting your posts found. Without it, your post will be lost in space, or wherever the internet even exists. If you have an Etsy shop where you sell handmade pottery, and you write a blog post on your latest piece, someone who searches for handmade pottery might see it and read it. From there, they could explore your website and your Etsy store. They may even be inspired to make a purchase. This is the point of blogging for business.

Another key to spreading the word of your blog is through social media. Social media has become a powerhouse for sharing articles, so use it to your advantage. Make social media friendly pieces. Include visually appealing pictures that represent your business, something that people will want to share (preferably on Pinterest). The more people share it, the further word about your company spreads.

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Most importantly, write about what you know. When writing for something like handmade pottery, give detailed descriptions of pieces and all your hard work. This is the easy part of blogging for business. Use a picture to get people’s attention, then share the post on every social media channel you can. Next thing you know, people will be sharing your beautiful piece with friends. And their friends will be sharing it with more. It is a never ending cycle! Your Etsy listing will be getting shared all over the place.

The best part is that your blog post will always be there! You could write a post now and it will still be driving traffic to your blog years from now when someone searches that topic. Blogging will bring your business to a whole new market for years to come. It will help you to reach broader audiences as well as attract new leads. Who knows? You could have the next trending pin on Pinterest.


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